Springbuild 1.5 Doesn't have vertical camera on ARcamera manager

Issue #13 resolved
Preston McCauley created an issue
  1. Grabbed all the latest from the unity arkit summer 1.5 branch (per the article) plugin here on bit bucket. I have all the pre-requisites (xcode -9b3, 11.3, 2017.31f.1).

  2. Created a new project with the ARKIT.

  3. Opened the arkitscene example

  4. Checked the camera and only see horizontal (no vertical).

Comments (5)

  1. Nathan Allison

    Though you grabbed latest it appears you may still be on the default branch and have not switched to the "spring2018_update" branch. Once you are on that branch that component will show horizontal and vertical options. Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 7.43.27 AM.png

  2. Preston McCauley reporter

    Made sure I got the latest build. Might want to add in the readme that you need to build at least once or the project will have errors when it is first opened.


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