UI Particles: Texture sheet animation + Random row

Issue #256 resolved
Vladyslav Lukianenko created an issue

Hello! Currently, when using UIParticleSystem.cs, having a random row animation is unsupported. It always results in playing the last row. Expected behavior: each particle selects random row from texture sheet animation to play.

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  1. Simon Jackson

    That's probably a limitation of the current implementation @vlukianenko I'm afraid.

    If you can help and see what would need to be done to include other texture sheet rows, that would be great.

  2. 이진수

    switch (textureSheetAnimation.animation)                    
        case ParticleSystemAnimationType.WholeSheet:
            frame = Mathf.FloorToInt(frameProgress * textureSheetAnimationFrames);
        case ParticleSystemAnimationType.SingleRow:
            frame = Mathf.FloorToInt(frameProgress * textureSheetAnimation.numTilesX);
            int row = textureSheetAnimation.rowIndex;
            if (textureSheetAnimation.rowMode == ParticleSystemAnimationRowMode.Random)
            { // FIXME - is this handled internally by rowIndex?
                row = Mathf.Abs((int)particle.randomSeed % textureSheetAnimation.numTilesY);
            frame += row * textureSheetAnimation.numTilesX;
    frame %= textureSheetAnimationFrames;
    particleUV.x = (frame % textureSheetAnimation.numTilesX) * textureSheetAnimationFrameSize.x;
    particleUV.y = 1.0f - ((frame / textureSheetAnimation.numTilesX) + 1) * textureSheetAnimationFrameSize.y;
    particleUV.z = particleUV.x + textureSheetAnimationFrameSize.x;
    particleUV.w = particleUV.y + textureSheetAnimationFrameSize.y;

  3. 이진수

    Sorry my answer was late. Unfortunately, the demo you requested cannot be produced. However, as a result of my testing, I found that the texture at the last index is represented.

  4. Simon Jackson

    I’ve tested the updated script with the existing UI Particle scene configured as a Textture Animation and it seemed to work as expected, so the code was merged.
    Thanks for the contribution!

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