Content Scroll Snap raises exception when content is null

Issue #354 resolved
Simon Jackson created an issue

Reported by Jamjardavies on Gitter.

Detail from Gitter
”Okay in my tests on a new project, I've added a "Content Scroll Snap Horizontal" from the create menu, and then removed the 5 children it comes with. I get no errors until I play and stop, to which I notice the ContentScrollSnapHorizontal has set it's enable to false. Upon enabling this component in the editor (in edit mode, not play mode), I start getting error spam in the console. Also, when adding children to the content using Awake, it works, but if I delay it (in Start for instance), it then doesn't work or snap. What I seem to need to do is enable the snap, and update the layout, but this still causes an exception, since there's no children at the start.”

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  1. Simon Jackson reporter

    Well, that was an interesting and fun ride, but you have a solution now.

    I’ve refactored the control and also put some protection in against having no child content.

    I have also added a new SetNewItems function which takes a list of transforms as a parameter, it’s also designed to work with Prefabs.

    The only thing to be aware of it either:

    • Your prefab have their anchors and positions set correctly
    • You have some sort of layout control in the content to ensure items that are added are laid out correctly.

    Shall have this pushed into dev today.

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