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As the description says, currently the horizontal scroll snap defaults to the first pane In the script there is a private int _startingScreen = 1; but changing this seems to cause issues, if you have a pagination object this doesn't display correctly if the 1st screen isn't the default and the scroll doesnt seem as responsive either, seems to hang more

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  1. Martin Maisey Sjöberg

    I'll second this issue! Changing the _startingScreen will also make it alot harder to scroll "back". Unfortunately I can't find the cause of this.

  2. Alexander Melo

    I'm also having this same trouble, have any of you guys ever found a solution for this problem?

  3. Simon Jackson

    Will review today and see about making this configurable. Most likely needs to use the ScrollTo controller. Will also make the starting page configurable on all the scroll snaps if I can.

  4. Simon Jackson

    Fixed in source and will be included in the next update. Added StartingPage parameter to control distance between pages

  5. Zak Arntson

    This issue is still broken as of 6/6/2016. We fixed it by changing HorizontalScrollSnap.StartingScreen to be zero-indexed. Fixes: * Initialize StartingScreen to be zero. * Start(), replace (_currentScreen -1) with (_currentScreen) * OnValidate(), fix bounds checking.

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