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Unity UI Extensions Asset downloads

Below is a list of all the asset package downloads for the Unity UI Extensions project

Update 2019.6 - (v2.5) - Bug Squash

We have expanded where you can download the UnityPackage asset and widened the options to contribute to the project. Check the Release notes for Upgrade information

I will still stress however, contribution is optional. The assets / code will always remain FREE

Download from Itch.IO Download from Itch.IO Download from Itch.IO

Package archive on Bitbucket

Release 2019.6 (2.5) (Current)

Release 2019.6 (2.5) Examples (Current)

Release 2019.5 (2.3)

Release 2019.5 (2.3) Examples

Release 2019.4 (2.2)

Release 2019.4 (2.2) Examples

Release 2019.1 (2.1)

Release 2.0

Release 1.2

Release 1.1

Below is a list of all the previous asset package downloads for the Unity UI Extensions project (once Unity approve it. I'll list the asset store link here as well)

Note To retain 5.2 compatibility in the 5.3 package, you will see two warnings related to:

`UnityEngine.UI.InputField.onValueChange' is obsolete.  
This has no effect on the package working in 5.4 plus and is only there to maintain backwards compatibility. We will look to update/remove this in a future release, likely after 5.4. If you have any concerns, feel free to update your code in your project to add the missing "d". Unity have ensured it still works as they have mapped the API change for now.

Other downloads on the Bitbucket site

As this repo was created to support my new Unity UI Title "Unity 3D UI Essentials", in the downloads section you will find two custom assets (SpaceShip-DemoScene-Start.unitypackage and RollABallSample-Start.unitypackage).

These are just here as starter scenes for doing UI tasks in the book.

Supporting the UI Extensions project

If you wish to further support the Unity UI Extensions project itself, then you can either subsidise your downloads above, or using the links below.

All funds go to support the project, no matter the amount. Donations in code are also extremely welcome

Donate via PayPal Buy us a Coffee

(PayPal account not required and you can remain anonymous if you wish)

You can follow the UI Extensions team for updates and news on:

Twitter / Facebook / YouTube

Also, come chat live with the Unity UI Extensions community on Gitter here: UI Extensions Live Chat