System or method for storing build scripts.

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Illustrated by recently found regressions in cairo package and in urxvt.

We need an easily searchable, centralized storage location for build scripts.

While the current build script/source storage on OSUOSL is good for meeting GPL requirements, it does not provide ease of accessibility to developers. Inorder to ensure that package regressions do not occur like this, the system will have to be convenient for developers to check prior build scripts.

A system similar to ABS would be sufficient, however an additional web interface to these scripts could be beneficial as well.

Uels has mentioned that he has already been experimenting with storing slackbuilds in a git repository. The abs fetcher/updater script that pulls files down to /var/abs natively uses rsync for this operation, the arch-stable project has ported the abs script to use git.

In combination with this, Ken's abs searcher tool could be used.

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