Rodrigo Bistolfi avatar Rodrigo Bistolfi committed 06dbc91

go-lang: update to 1.1

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 NAME="go"            #Enter package Name!
-VERSION=${VERSION:-"1.0.3"}      #Enter package Version!
+VERSION=${VERSION:-"1.1"}      #Enter package Version!
 VER=$(echo $VERSION|sed 's/-/_/') #this fixes - in version
 VL_PACKAGER=${VL_PACKAGER:-"rbistolfi"}   #Enter your Name!
 LINK=${LINK:-"${NAME}${VERSION}.src.tar.gz"}  #Enter URL for package here!
 export GOOS="linux"
 export GOARCH="\${GOARCH}"
 export GOROOT="/usr/lib\${LIBDIRSUFFIX}/go"
-export GOPATH="\${GOPATH}:~/go"
+export GOPATH="~/go"
 chmod 0755 $PKG/etc/profile.d/
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