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Rebuild opencv

Signed-off-by: Lee Pak Hong <>;

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 VERSION=${VERSION:-"2.4.6"}      #Enter package Version!
 VER=$(echo $VERSION|sed 's/-/_/') #this fixes - in version
 VL_PACKAGER=${VL_PACKAGER:-"hata_ph"}   #Enter your Name!
-LINK=${LINK:-"$NAME-$VERSION.tar.bz2"}  #Enter URL for package here!
+LINK=${LINK:-"$NAME-$VERSION.tar.gz"}  #Enter URL for package here!
 VL_VERSION=${VL_VERSION:-"$(ls /var/log/packages/|grep vlconfig2|cut -d "-" -f4|cut -c 2-5)"}
 ARCH=${ARCH:-"$(uname -m)"}
 echo "Extracting source..."
-tar xvf $CWD/OpenCV-$VERSION.tar.* || exit 1
+tar xvf $CWD/$NAME-$VERSION.tar.* || exit 1
 #this moves whatever was extracted to the std dirname we are expecting
 mv * $NAME-$VERSION &> /dev/null 2>&1
 mkdir -p $PKG
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