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Lee Pak Hong  committed 14e4d33

Update mate-sensors-applet to 1.6.0

Signed-off-by: Lee Pak Hong <benreilly@vector.Linux.net>

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  • Branches veclinux-7.0

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File var/vabs/mate-sensors-applet/src/mate-sensors-applet.SlackBuild

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 NAME="mate-sensors-applet"            #Enter package Name!
-VERSION=${VERSION:-"1.4.0"}      #Enter package Version!
+VERSION=${VERSION:-"1.6.0"}      #Enter package Version!
 VER=$(echo $VERSION|sed 's/-/_/') #this fixes - in version
 VL_PACKAGER=${VL_PACKAGER:-"hata_ph"}   #Enter your Name!
-LINK=${LINK:-"http://pub.mate-desktop.org/releases/1.4/$NAME-$VERSION.tar.xz"}  #Enter URL for package here!
+LINK=${LINK:-"http://pub.mate-desktop.org/releases/1.6/$NAME-$VERSION.tar.xz"}  #Enter URL for package here!
 ADDRB=${ADDRB:-""} #Add deps that need to be added to the slack-required file here
 EXRB=${EXRB:-""} #Add deps that need to be excluded from the slack-required file here
-MAKEDEPENDS=${MAKEDEPENDS:-"mate-common mate-doc-utils mate-corba mate-conf libmate libmatecanvas libmatecomponent libmatecomponentui libmatekeyring libmatenotify libmateui mate-panel mate-vfs"} #Add deps needed TO BUILD this package here.
+MAKEDEPENDS=${MAKEDEPENDS:-"mate-common mate-doc-utils glib2 gtk+2 libnotify mate-panel"} #Add deps needed TO BUILD this package here.
 # DO NOT EXECUTE if NORUN is set to 1
   --sysconfdir=/etc \
   --localstatedir=/var \
   --mandir=/usr/man \
+  --disable-schemas-compile \
   --disable-scrollkeeper \
   --program-prefix="" \
   --program-suffix="" \