Lee Pak Hong  committed 41eb16e

Build clementine with qca

Signed-off-by: Lee Pak Hong <>

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File var/vabs/clementine/src/clementine.SlackBuild

 ADDRB=${ADDRB:-""} #Add deps that need to be added to the slack-required file here
 EXRB=${EXRB:-""} #Add deps that need to be excluded from the slack-required file here
 MAKEDEPENDS=${MAKEDEPENDS-"protobuf usbmuxd libimobiledevice qjson taglib \
-ffmpeg gstreamer gst-plugins-base libplist liblastfm"}
+ffmpeg gstreamer gst-plugins-base libplist liblastfm qca"}
 # DO NOT EXECUTE if NORUN is set to 1