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Removing unnecessary makedepends for deluge

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 ADDRB=${ADDRB:-"setuptools >= 0.6c11, libtorrent-rasterbar >= 0.15.6, python2-chardet >= 2.0.1, pyxdg >= 0.19, twisted >= 11.0.0, pyOpenSSL >= 0.11, Mako >= 0.4.1"} #Add deps that need to be added to the slack-required file here
 EXRB=${EXRB:-""} #Add deps that need to be excluded from the slack-required file here
-MAKEDEPENDS=${MAKEDEPENDS:-"setuptools libtorrent-rasterbar python2-chardet pyxdg twisted pyOpenSSL Mako"} #Add make deps for packaging
+MAKEDEPENDS=${MAKEDEPENDS:-""} #Add make deps for packaging