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I notice there is few buildbot issue lately mainly for veclinux-7.0 branch:

  1. the auto generate meta process is slow or not working as the process take very long time or not running at all. I have to force build another build process to manual trigger the auto generate meta
  2. has anyone disable the function to auto build the pkgs after the SB update on git? As I notice it is not working since yesterday
  3. I have the access to ssh to ftp-osl.osuosl.org as vectorlinux. But I dun have access to remove/delete files in the untested repo...could I request to be given such access to username vectorlinux because as a packager I need to remove some misbuild pkgs in the untested repo...

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  1. Moises Henriquez

    Re #1: The metadata generation is an automated process. Just to give an idea of how it works, when a new package is uploaded, the scripts scan the MD5sums of all packages and make any updates necessary to keep PACKAGES.txt updated. The reason it takes long is because we have so many packages on untested at the moment.

    Re #2: When this happens, send me a direct email. It shouldn't be happening unless we have a problem at the VM that hosts the buildbot master.

    Re #3: Manual deletion of packages is something I don't like to do, because it affects the entire build process. If a package needs to be deleted off the untested repo because it is bad, it is better to fix that package (via the SB). When this is done properly, the metadata is updated again.

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