vabs / search.php

$loc_list = array(
	'vabs' => '',
	'abs' => '',
	'sb' => '' );

echo "
	<title>Search package buildscripts.</title>
<body> \n


if( ! isset( $_REQUEST['pkg'] ) ) {
	echo "<p>Usage: <br> search.php?pkg=PKGNAME <br> or <br> search.php?pkg=PKGNAME&loc=LOCATION</p> \n";
	echo "<p>Valid options for LOCATION include \"vabs\", \"abs\", and \"sb\".</p> \n";
	echo $end;
} else {
	$pkg = escapeshellarg( $_REQUEST['pkg'] );

if( ! isset( $_REQUEST['loc'] ) ) {
	$loc = 'vabs';
} else {
	if( ! array_key_exists( $_REQUEST['loc'], $loc_list ) ) {
		echo '<p>Specified location unknown. Using default location.</p>';
	} else {
		$loc = $_REQUEST['loc'];
#		$loc = escapeshellarg( $_REQUEST['loc'] );
#		Don't need to escape, since matched to whitelist?

echo "<p>Using search params
	<li>Package Name: $pkg</li>
	<li>Location: $loc</li>
	<li>Backend: $loc_list[$loc]</li>

exec( "./$loc_list[$loc] $pkg", $backend_results);
#exec( "./ bash", $backend_results);

echo "<p>Found results \n <ul>";
foreach( $backend_results as $find ) {
	echo "\t<li><a href=\"$find\">$find</a></li>\n";
echo "</ul> \n </p>";

echo $end;
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