Rodrigo Bistolfi committed 0d3edba

Outline for live install kernel routine

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         if self.is_live():
             installpkg = self.live_installpkg
             packages = self.live_packages
+            install_kernel = self.live_install_kernel
             installpkg = self.installpkg
             packages = self.packages
+            install_kernel = self.install_kernel
         yield self.partitioning, (disk,), "Partitioning %s" % disk
         yield self.format_partitions, (disk,), "Formating partitions"
         if not self.is_live():
             yield self.postinstall, tuple(), "Installing setup routines"
-        yield self.install_kernel, tuple(), "Installing Linux kernel"
+        yield install_kernel, tuple(), "Installing Linux kernel"
         yield self.set_bind_mounts, tuple(), "Mounting pseudo filesystems"
         yield self.fstab, (disk,), "Creating fstab"
         command = "/usr/bin/xzm2dir %s --root=%s" % (package, "/mnt/TARGET")
+    def live_install_kernel(self):
+        """Install Linux image from a Live install media
+        """
+        return NotImplemented
     def fstab(self, disk):
         """Create and install a fstab file in disk
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