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Fix import and name clashing

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 from import Disk, Partition
 from vinstall.backend import bootloader
 from itertools import chain
-import os
+import os, subprocess
 class Bootloader(Controller):
         yield self.set_bind_mounts, tuple(), "Mounting pseudo filesystems"
         yield self.install_bootloader, (bootloader, target), "Installing bootloader"
-    def install_bootloader(self, bootloader, target):
+    def install_bootloader(self, bloader, target):
         """Install the bootloader
-        bootloader = self.bootloaders[bootloader]
+        bloader = self.bootloaders[bloader]
         disk = self.targets[target]
         target = disk.path()
-        if bootloader.lower() == "lilo":
+        if bloader.lower() == "lilo":
             bl = bootloader.Lilo(target)
             for system in bootloader.OperatingSystem.all():
-        elif bootloader == "Grub2":
+        elif bloader == "Grub2":
             bl = bootloader.Grub2(target)
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