Moises Henriquez committed ba7a6bd

Add more debugging to see which initrd bootloader is trying to copy

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 	    # Copy the initrd to the local tamu path
 	    if system.initrd:
 	        initrd_from = mountpoint + system.initrd #XX: os.path.join wont work here !!
-	    	shutil.copy2(initrd_from, system.tamu_initrd_path)
+		if not os.path.exists(initrd_from):
+		    LOG.debug("WARNING:  reported initrd for %s (%s) does not exist"% (
+			system.label, system.initrd))
+		else:
+		    shutil.copy2(initrd_from, system.tamu_initrd_path)
         # un-mount the partition if necessary
 	if umount: