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# -*- coding: utf8 -*-

"""Mountpoints module


import os
from import Partition

class MountPoints(object):
    DEFAULT_ROOT_FS = "ext3" # Default os to be used for /, unless changed by the user.
    MINIMUM_ROOT_SIZE = 4 # Size in GB

    def __init__(self):

        self.partitions = set(Partition.all())
        self.filesystems = set(["ext2", "ext3", "ext4", "reiserfs", "xfs",
            "jfs", "swap"])
        self.mountpoints = set(["/", "home", "boot", "var", "tmp", "opt",
            "usr", "swap"])
        self.mapping = dict((i, [None, None]) for i in self.partitions)
        self.default_filesystem = self.DEFAULT_ROOT_FS
        #XX: ^^ For compatibility purposes only.

    def set_mount(self, partition, mountpoint):
        """Declare a mountpoint for a partition

        self.mapping[partition][0] = os.path.join("/", mountpoint)

    def clear_mount(self, partition):
        """Declare that a partition shouldnt be mounted anymore

        self.mapping[partition][0] = None

    def set_filesystem(self, partition, fs):
        """Declare that a partition should be formatted with fs

        self.mapping[partition][1] = fs

    def clear_filesystem(self, partition):
        """Declare that a partition sholdnt be formatted

        self.mapping[partition][1] = None

    def available_partitions(self):
        """Return available partitions

        return self.partitions - set(self.mapping.keys())

    def available_mountpoints(self):
        """Return available mountpoints

        return self.mountpoints - set(i[0] for i in self.mapping.values())