x264 package confusion

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VL7 repo contains two packages: x264-20110813-2245-i586-1vl70 and x264-20110116-i586-1vl60. These will install side by side although they contain the same files.. except only x264-20110116-i586-1vl60 has a "src" dir.

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  1. Anonymous

    x264-20110813-2245-i586-1vl70 is in testing in the repo, The source is also in the repo. x264-20110116-i586-1vl60 is in the packages repo and is also part of the iso I believe.

    vlc is the only package showing a dependency on the one in testing. Will see if the latest vlc 2.0.0 can be built off of the old then it can be removed.

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