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when I plug in a sata drive, it auto mounts fine, but cannot access it unless I give root password. That's fine too. But I cannot write to it. FS at the current time is ext2 for the partitions on the mounted sata drive.

confirming the "slow to open file manager". Thunar takes longer to open than FF does. When it's finally open it runs fine, just don't close it, or you'll have to wait for it to open back up again. In 2.4 it was "starting" to do this, but not nearly as bad. In 2.1 I didn't see this art all, in fact in 2.1 the entire thing ran pretty fly. Not sure what changed there from those releases, but that may give an idea how far to track back.

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    I'm not sure what exactly that means. If your system supports hot swap on the SATA you can do as follows and it reproduces just fine:

    1. add power to sata drive
    2. add data cable to sata drive and system
    3. wait a few small moments for desktop icon to apear.
    4. open the partition from the desktop icon by clicking it
    5. see the root password prompt that pops up, enter root password.
    6. attempt to copy a file from location of your choice onto the opened partition
    7. see that nothing happens because a user cannot write to this partition

    Only when logged in as root, can you write to these sata partitions which are mounted as media, and writing under root changes the file permissions of the files. This has been reproduced equally well on 3 different systems here. Also note that it doesn't seem to matter what the format is ext2,ext3, ext4, reiser, etc.

    I suspect the permissions are a bit too tight here for the user. This is still going in RC-2. The 32bit version seems to have a more relaxed permissions than the 64bit. In some cases you can't copy from the SATA partition to your /home directory either, sometimes a popup will show telling you permmission denied.

    I hope this helps.

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