VL64 RC1.0 - X not working

Issue #32 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

X isn't working properly; it's giving me an output about no found X screen(s). Unfortunately I can't copy the output on here because my ssh key configuration is a bit messed up... Set the screen resolution to 1600x1200 24bit colour using the VXCONF option so I could install the NVidia drivers later; got the output above. Then tried the AUTO option to run X without an xorg.conf. X starts and I'm getting the GDM login screen, but my keyboard/mouse don't work. To verify the iso download I had to download the iso twice so I could compare the md5sums (were the same) because there are no md5sums in the repos, which can be a pain on the 3130K connection I've got here. ~~scififry