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Stragglers in xap/testing

created an issue

Got a few applications that are loitering in the xap tesing repo, wondering if announced it might bring in the Calvary. I have tested these in 32bit, and assume the problems are the same in 64bit.

WindowMaker 0.95.3 needs to be re-written to include a .desktop file that will include it in the session menu.

glom does not have a working postresql, or so it would seem.

libreoffice-3.5.4 does not have any of the desktop files that would have it show up in the menu.

miro-5.01 is missing a slapt-required line for pycurl. So gslapt does not load it and it does not run.

mumble needs an icon to show up in the desktop menu.

Other than that and the xfce4 stuff I'm going to be working on, testing is pretty clean on 32bit and I'm hoping by weeks end to have 64bit the same way.

If we can't get the above apps cleaned up by a certain time cycle, I probably should due a purge similar to what is done in the untested repo.

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