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File var/vabs/pkgtools-tukaani/src/patches/pkgtools-git.patch

+diff -Naur 1/usr/bin/makepkg 2/usr/bin/makepkg
+--- 1/usr/bin/makepkg	2005-12-04 08:50:03.000000000 -0700
++++ 2/usr/bin/makepkg	2012-08-17 18:47:19.000000000 -0600
+@@ -80,6 +80,8 @@
+   exit 99
+ fi
++is_dangerous_package_name "$PKG" && exit 1
+ PKG_TYPE=$(package_type "$1")
+ if [ -z "$PKG_TYPE" ]; then
+   echo "Error: Package name must end with '.tgz', '.tlz', '.tbz' or '.tar'."
+diff -Naur 1/usr/bin/makerepo 2/usr/bin/makerepo
+--- 1/usr/bin/makerepo	2006-12-07 08:19:33.000000000 -0700
++++ 2/usr/bin/makerepo	2012-08-17 18:47:19.000000000 -0600
+@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@
+   DIRNAME=${1##*/}
+   [ -f "$TMP/pkglist.$DIRNAME" ] && return 0
+   # Create a list of package files currently in the repository:
+-  find "$1" -follow -name '*.tgz' -or -name '*.tlz' -or -name '*.tbz' \
++  find "$1" -follow -name '*.tgz' -or -name '*.txz' -or -name '*.tlz' -or -name '*.tbz' \
+       | sed '
+           \,/source/,d
+           s,^\./,,
+@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@
+       | sort > "$TMP/pkglist_in"
+   # Verify the filenames:
+   sed -n "/^\\($ALLOWED_DIRCHARS\\+\\/\\|\\)$ALLOWED_FILECHARS\\+\$/p" "$TMP/pkglist_in" \
+-      | sed -n '/^\(.*\/\|\)[^/]\+-[^-/]\+-[^-/]\+-[^-/]\+\.\(tgz\|tlz\|tbz\|tar\)$/p' \
++      | sed -n '/^\(.*\/\|\)[^/]\+-[^-/]\+-[^-/]\+-[^-/]\+\.\(tgz\|txz\|tlz\|tbz\|tar\)$/p' \
+       > "$TMP/pkglist.$DIRNAME"
+   sort "$TMP/pkglist_in" "$TMP/pkglist.$DIRNAME" | uniq -u > "$TMP/invalid"
+   if [ -s "$TMP/invalid" ]; then
+@@ -508,11 +508,11 @@
+   echo
+   echo -n "Creating $1/ChangeLog.txt"
+   catzcat "$1/FILELIST.TXT" \
+-      | sed -rn '/\/source\//d; /\.(tgz|tbz|tlz|tar)$/{s/^.* //p}' \
++      | sed -rn '/\/source\//d; /\.(tgz|txz|tbz|tlz|tar)$/{s/^.* //p}' \
+       | sort \
+       > "$TMP/oldlist"
+   catzcat "$TMP/FILELIST.TXT" \
+-      | sed -rn '/\/source\//d; /\.(tgz|tbz|tlz|tar)$/{s/^.* //p}' \
++      | sed -rn '/\/source\//d; /\.(tgz|txz|tbz|tlz|tar)$/{s/^.* //p}' \
+       | sort \
+       > "$TMP/newlist"
+   comm -23 "$TMP/oldlist" "$TMP/newlist" \
+@@ -606,7 +606,7 @@
+ cd "$1"
+ [ "$OFFICIAL_REPO" = "yes" ] \
+-    && DIRLIST='./slackware ./contrib ./extra ./pasture ./testing' \
++    && DIRLIST='./slackware ./contrib ./extra ./pasture ./testing ./patches' \
+     || DIRLIST=.
+ for I in $DIRLIST; do
+@@ -664,8 +664,9 @@
+ fi
+ if [ "$OFFICIAL_REPO" = "yes" ]; then
+-  for I in {PACKAGES.TXT,CHECKSUMS.md5,CHECKSUMS.sha1}{,.gz}; do
+     [ -e "slackware/$I" ] && ln -sf "slackware/$I" .
++    [ -e "slackware/$I.gz" ] && ln -sf "slackware/$I.gz" .
+   done
+ fi
+diff -Naur 1/usr/doc/dialog-1.0-20060221/CHANGES 2/usr/doc/dialog-1.0-20060221/CHANGES
+--- 1/usr/doc/dialog-1.0-20060221/CHANGES	2006-02-21 18:21:53.000000000 -0700
++++ 2/usr/doc/dialog-1.0-20060221/CHANGES	2012-08-17 18:47:19.000000000 -0600
+@@ -1,1232 +1,386 @@
+--- $Id: CHANGES,v 1.183 2006/02/22 01:21:53 tom Exp $
+--- Thomas E. Dickey <>
+-This version of dialog was originally from a Debian snapshot.  I've done this
+-to it:
++2007-12-31 - from tukaani_1.2.4 to tukaani_1.3.0 (development version)
++  * Made makerepo to process also the "patches" directory. Thanks
++    to arny for noticing this.
++  * Fixed a bug in, which broke rebuilding
++    the texinfo's dir file if the ROOT variable is set. Thanks to
++    Vladimir A. Pavlov for a patch.
++  * Reject package names that begin with a dash. This works around
++    bunch of bugs in pkgtools, trying to limit damage to package
++    database.
++  * Make "upgradepkg foo-1.23-i486-1%foo-1.24-i486-1" to remove
++    only foo-1.23-i486-1, not all packages with basename foo. Plain
++    "upgradepkg foo-1.24-i486-1" and "upgradepkg foo%foo-1.24-i486-1"
++    still remove all packages with basename foo. Thanks to Vladimir
++    A. Pavlov for problem description and the original patch.
++  * Make it possible to remove the last package from the system
++    with removepkg when used in combination with ROOT or --root.
++    Thanks to Vladimir A. Pavlov for cleaner (and faster) fix than
++    the original one in Slackware.
++  * Don't log removal of package when using "removepkg --warn".
++    Again, thanks to Vladimir A. Pavlov for the patch. :-)
++  * Synchronized setup.80.make-bootdisk and added setup.htmlview
++    from Slackware Current.
++2007-01-10 - from tukaani_1.2.3 to tukaani_1.2.4
++  * Fixed a bug in that broke explodepkg and 
++    convertpkg with RPM packages if /bin/sh was GNU bash 3.2.
++2006-12-07 - from tukaani_1.2.2 to tukaani_1.2.3
++  * Fixed a bug in installpkg and upgradepkg which made them misbehave
++    with packages having symlinks in the tarball instead of in
++    Thanks to Phil DeVries for the bug report and debugging help.
++  * Now it's possible to use subdirectories of official repositories
++    in pkgtool e.g. ftp://foo.tld/slackware-xx.x/patches now works as
++    expected. Thanks to Dexter Filmore for for the bug report.
++  * Fixed a bug with spaces in filenames in makerepo. Thanks to
++    Jakub Jankowski for the bug report.
++  * Updated /usr/bin/xorgsetup from Slackware 11.0. This probably
++    doesn't work with Slackware 10.x. I hope that everyone willing to
++    use xorgsetup on their 10.x boxes have already run it. ;-)
++  * Added rc.rpc and rc.scanluns to /var/log/setup/
++    They were added in Slackware 11.0.
++  * Fixed path to xwmconfig in /var/log/setup/setup.xwmconfig.
++  * Updated /etc/dialogrc from Slackware 11.0.
++2006-08-06 - from tukaani_1.2.1 to tukaani_1.2.2
++  * makerepo no longer generates unwanted files when only --manifest
++    is used. This bug was reported by someone on #tukaani@Freenode
++    but I don't remember his nick nor name, sorry and thank you.
++  * Speed optimization made in installpkg had a small bug that prevented
++    symlinks pointing to itself to not get overwritten
++  * Fixed a typo in pkgtool. Thanks to Jakub Jankowski (shasta).
++  * Added help command to pkgtool to be an alias for --help.
++    Documented both in pkgtool.8.
++2006-05-02 - from tukaani_1.2.0 to tukaani_1.2.1
++  * Fixed a bug in pkgtool which broke `install-updates' command.
++    Thanks to Daniel Liljeqvist (Dasajev) for the bug report.
++  * Paritially fixed a bug in the installer where it prompts to
++    rerun scripts. Hopefully we some day have a _simple_ and _reliable_
++    installer, that will require writing things from scratch and not
++    as sh-scripts!
++  * Instead of creating a half dozen of packages, I made only two
++    packages. The i486 package is without terminfo entries and works on
++    Tukaani Solid & Edge, and Slackware 10.0 and later, including
++    Current. The x86-64 package is for Slamd64 (all versions). It is
++    VERY IMPORTANT that users have the ncurses package installed before
++    upgrading the pkgtools package!
++2006-04-01 - from tukaani_1.2.0rc1 to tukaani_1.2.0
++  * Fixed bugs in command line mode of pkgtool, thanks
++    to Teemu Suo-Anttila (Fal).
++  * "pkgtool install foopkg" now installs the package "foopkg" from the
++    default repository. Earlier only full package names with version and
++    build numbers were supported.
++  * makerepo now creates "ChangeLog.txt", not "ChangeLog".
++  * Fixed and updated
++    mirrors.tukaani.addresses.txt.
++  * Made minor updates to man pages.
++  * There will be packages for Tukaani, Slackware 10.x, Slackware Current,
++    Slamd64 10.x and Slamd64 Current.
++  * Time to call this a stable release. I'm not planning to add any new
++    features unless they are trivial to implement. I *will* make bug
++    fixes, so please report any bugs you find. (No April's fools here.)
++2006-01-01 - from tukaani_1.1.97 to tukaani_1.2.0rc1
++  * Fixed a bug from pkgtool that broke the Remove command.
++  * Man pages were proof read by Ville Koskinen.
++  * Built separate packages for Tukaani, Slackware and Slamd64.
++2005-12-24 - from tukaani_1.1.96 to tukaani_1.1.97
++  * Fixed a bugin upgradepkg which could make some files to dissappear.
++    In practice this issue should have affected only users of Tukaani
++    Edge (not Slackware nor even Tukaani Solid) because we had started
++    moving files from usr/{info,man,doc} to usr/share/{info,man,doc}.
++    The actual bug was the old known symlinked directory handling bug in
++    removepkg which probably will never be fixed. The fix in upgradepkg
++    is a workaround for the removepkg issue.
++  * Added a few abbreviations for pkgtool's command line mode. See the
++    pkgtool(8) man page for more information.
++  * Added ChangeLog creation support to makerepo.
++  * Initial updates for man pages. :-)
++2005-12-06 - from tukaani_1.1.95 to tukaani_1.1.96
++  * Fixed stupid bug that showed message about upgraded pkgtools
++    when pkgtools *haven't* been upgraded. Sorry.
++  * Fixed another stupid bug that prevented pkgtools from being
++    upgraded if it was the last package on the upgrade list.
++    This was related to the feature which installs glibc-solibs
++    at very first and pkgtools at very last package.
++2005-12-05 - From tukaani_1.1.93 to tukaani_1.1.95
++  * Fixed a bug that prevented listing the *.new files at the end of
++    the package installation.
++  * Added missing --verbose switches to installpkg and upgradepkg.
++  * Preliminary support for upcoming LZMA utils 4.30.
++  * Applied a patch to tar-1.13 which adds --no-overwrite-dir. The
++    /bin/tar-1.13 executable is now renamed to /bin/tar-1.13-pkgtools
++    to prevent problems if the user reinstalls Slackware's tar package.
++  * pkgtool: Upgrade glibc-solibs as the very first step if it has been
++    chosen to be upgraded. Upgrade the pkgtools package as the last step
++    to prevent any possible incompatibilities between the old pkgtool
++    and new installpkg/upgradepkg.
++  * Added more service names and descriptions to config-services.
++  * Upgraded dialog to 1.0-20051107.
++  * Added to the mirror list.
++  * Modified config-xwm to a more flexible form and added support
++    for /opt/*/etc/X11/xinit/.
++2005-11-14 - From tukaani_1.1.91 to tukaani_1.1.93
++  * Fixed a few bugs, thanks to Teemu Suo-Anttila (Fal)
++2005-11-14 - From tukaani_1.1.0_beta1 to tukaani_1.1.91:
++  * Changed version numbering scheme. Now odd minor number means
++    a development version, even is stable. (This is exactly how Linux
++    kernel releases are numbered.)
++  * Sync with Slackware 10.2 pkgtools.
++  * The code has been splitted to smaller files. This makes code easier
++    to read and maintain. pkgtool still needs a lot of cleanups, all the
++    other scripts should be fine already.
++  * convertpkg and explode now handle .rpm and .deb packages. There is no
++    need to have any rpm specific tools installed, only cpio is needed.
++    Debian packages need ar from binutils.
++  * tukrepo is now known as makerepo. It now caches also MD5 and SHA1
++    checksums. Updating PACKAGES.TXT is also notably faster.
++  * has been rewritten to a saner form and made available
++    as a command `config-services'.
++  * xwmconfig has been renamed to config-xwm. To avoid making old user
++    angry, a symlink xwmconfig->config-xwm has been created.
++  * Nicer boxes in command line mode of installpkg and upgradepkg. ;-)
++  * Many significant speed improvements.
++  * A few important fixes to Tukaani Installer related code. Thanks to
++    T. Tamminen (ThemeS) for help!
++  * Lots of non-critical bugfixes (mostly cosmetical).
++2005-08-07 - From tukaani_1.0.0 to tukaani_1.1.0_beta1:
++  * Verify GPG signatures. The default can be set in /etc/pkgtools/config
++    or manually with command line options --gpg and --no-gpg. The default
++    configuration is set to verify the signatures of all packages
++    downloaded from the net and not check for local packs.
++  * Use 'install-info' to add new GNU info documents to info's directory
++    file (/usr/info/dir or /usr/info/dir.gz). When needed, the whole
++    directory file can be reconstructed from scratch.
++  * Added a new command line option --base which allows you to specify
++    the base directory or URL which is prepended to every package name
++    specified on the command line.
++  * Major speed improvement for executing The trick is to
++    modify the commands that create the symlinks to a saner form. With
++    packages having lots of symlinks this will make execution of
++ three to four times faster, which can be many seconds
++    even on two-gigaherz computer.
++  * Run ldconfig only when new shared libraries are installed. This
++    check is not perfect; ldconfig might get run sometimes when it's not
++    needed, but it will be always run when it is really needed.
++  * New command line option: --base
++  * Use 'install-info' to delete the directory entries of info pages
++    being removed.
++  * No longer use FILELIST.TXT because all the required information is
++    avaialable in PACKAGES.TXT.
++  * Try to download PACKAGES.TXT.gz before PACKAGES.TXT. The file is
++    about 30% of original size when gzipped.
++  * Added Update&Open to repository filter menu; now it is easy to
++    update the repository without going through Actions menu or
++    using QuickUpdate.
++  * In command line mode: default to the first repository if reponame
++    is omitted.
++  * Verify MD5 sums of packages if CHECKSUMS.md5 contains them.
++  * Automatically hides all pkgtools packages that do not contain
++    'tukaani' in the filename. This might sound evil but it is just
++    to prevent accidental downgrades and the problems it could cause.
++  * Tukaani Installer related bugfixes.
++  * Speed improvements in symlink deletion and permission/ownership
++    modifications code using the 'xargs' command.
++tukrepo (formerly slackrepo):
++  * Dispite the name tukrepo can be used to create Slackware compatible
++  * The function to create PACKAGES.TXT is completely rewritten and
++    it works well now. :-)
++  * In addition to uncompressed files, create also gzipped versions.
++    (PACKAGES.TXT.gz, CHECKSUMS.md5.gz etc.)
++  * Support slapt-get's extensions in PACKAGES.TXT (required, conflicts
++    and suggests).
++  * Optionally you can include MD5 and/or SHA1 sums to PACKAGES.TXT.
++    Use this feature with care since not necessarily all the 3rd party
++    tools accept PACKAGES.TXT files having these fields.
++  * unset POSIXLY_CORRECT since it breaks at least the sed scripts of
++    pkgtool which use GNU extensions.
++  * Updated
++2005-05-18 - From tukaani_1.0.0_rc3 to tukaani_1.0.0:
++  * Very important bug fix in "upgradepkg --install-new"
++  * Changed LZMA options in makepkg to faster values. The effect
++    on compression ratio should be negligible.
++  * Corrected the LZMA memory requirements in the man page of makepkg.
++    This is *not* related to the above change in makepkg itself.
++  * Some minor code cleanups
++  * Released the first stable release. :-)
++2005-05-02 - From tukaani_1.0.0_rc2 to tukaani_1.0.0_rc3:
++  * Fixed a minor bug in convertpkg.
++  * Added 'menu-dir <directory>' to command line mode of pkgtool.
++2005-04-30 - From tukaani_1.0.0_rc1 to tukaani_1.0.0_rc2:
++  * Fixed broken Setup menu in pkgtool - (sorry, I try to never break
++    working code again ;) )  This bug was found by Antti Aalto.
++  * Fixed malfunction of pkgtool command line commands 'menu',
++    'menu-desc', 'search' and 'search-desc'. The bug occurred only when
++    the results contained packages from 'extra', 'pasture' or 'testing'.
++  * Fixed Actions->Update to not exclude 'pasture' and 'testing' with
++    filters CustomName and CustomDesc. Removed a few lines of duplicate
++    code at the same time.
++2005-04-23 - Summary of changes from pkgtools-10.1.0-i486-4 to
++             pkgtools-tukaani_1.0.0_rc1-i486-1:
++Miscellaneous changes:
++  * Moved scripts from {/bin,/sbin} to /usr/{bin,sbin}. To retain
++    compatibility with 'checkinstall', a few symlinks were made to /sbin.
++  * Moved 'explodepkg' and 'makepkg' from sbin to bin because they are
++    useful to ordinary users too.
++  * Jim Hawkins' bugfixed code for Remove and View commands in 'pkgtool'
++  * General speed improvements in many places. E.g. package file is now
++    decompressed only three times during upgradepkg. Original did it four or
++    six times depending on if a .txt file containing the description was
++    available.
++  * New --warn mode in 'installpkg'. Instead of just showing the package
++    contents it now checks what would be overwritten in reality.
++  * 'makepkg' clearly shows what the default answer is, so the user can just
++    press enter (or even give invalid input): [Y/n].
++  * Behavior of --chown is changed in 'makepkg'. Now it chowns everything to
++    root:root, and chmods all files and dirs with executable bit set to 0755
++    and others to 0644.
++  * Moved common functions to /usr/share/pkgtools/
++  * Updated the man pages.
++  * Package information (like size) is now aligned right in /var/log/packages
++    for better readability . Only spaces were added so this definitely
++    shouldn't affect compatibility.
++  * All long command line options (e.g. --reinstall) have a short
++    counterpart (e.g. -r).
++  * Most tools (but not all) use 'getopt' to parse command line options.
++    Options no longer need to be given before package names.
++  * Some command line options are no longer supported. Refer to the man pages
++    for the officially supported options. Some backwards compatibility is
++    retained by allowing long options to start with a single '-'. Don't
++    count on it, though.
++  * 'installpkg', 'removepkg', 'upgradepkg' and 'pkgtool' can be used
++    only as root. (Bad change?)
++  * Added rc.firewall and rc.ntpd to ''. rc.dnsmasq is
++    still excluded, should it be included too?
++  * Upgraded to dialog version 1.0-20050306 with a trivial patch to make
++    --help-button usable when combined with --item-info.
++  * pkgtools no longer check availability of /bin/tar-1.13. tar-1.13 is
++    now included with pkgtools to make sure it is available.
++New features:
++  * Added support for LZMA compressed (.tlz), bzip2 compressed (.tbz) and
++    uncompressed (.tar) packages.
++  * Added network support, requires 'wget'. You can now give 'installpkg'
++    and 'upgradepkg' a HTTP or FTP URL on the command line.
++  * 'pkgtool' is mostly rewritten. Supports multiple package repositories,
++    Details-button in Remove menu, simple package database integrity check,
++    totally new command line interface.
++  * A few options can be set using the configuration file /etc/pkgtools/config.
++  * 'makepkg' can be now used by ordinary users as long as it is OK that all
++    the files in the package will be owned by root:root.
++  * When installpkg or upgradepkg finishes, a list of the new *.new
++    files left on the disk is shown. I hope most users now remember to
++    check the *.new files and update their configuration after upgrading.
++  * 'installpkg', 'upgradepkg' and 'makepkg' show a warning if the package
++    name does not conform to the Slackware naming standard. They do not
++    prevent installation nor ask any confirmation.
++  * 'makepkg' warns if the created package does not have a description.
++  * New command: 'convertpkg' converts between different package
++    compression formats.
++  * New command: 'viewpkg' shows detailed package information. It also
++    makes comparing of two packages easier. 'viewpkg' has many command line
++    options which make it easy to get the exact output format you need.
++  * New command: 'slackrepo' creates a Tukaani compatible repository that
++    contains FILELIST.TXT and PACKAGES.TXT.
++  * Fixed handling of special characters like spaces in filenames given
++    in command line. E.g. this kind of command works now:
++    installpkg "My Packages/foo-0.12-i486-1barney.tgz"
++  * bash and ash wrongly assume that root can read everything so
++    [ -r /path/foo ] returns always true. This is not true e.g. with NFS.
++    'installpkg' and 'upgradepkg' now check the package integrity before
++    trying to install so unreadable package files are no longer a source of
++    trouble. Original pkgtools use [ -r ] correctly, but because of the
++    shell's buggy behavior the package gets removed instead of upgraded. :-/
++  * --warn mode of 'installpkg': If package didn't have 'install/',
++    empty temporary directory was left in $TMP.
++  * Made 'installpkg' better handle packages that are not created with
++    'makepkg'. E.g. package created with "tar czf foo-0.1-i486-1bar.tgz *"
++    is now stored correctly in the package database.
++  * The method of making the symbolic link creating script is rewritten.
++    Please refer to makepkg(1), section COMPATIBILITY for details.
++Bugs that are not fixed:
++  * If two packages have files that overlap, but the directory in the packages
++    differ because of a symlink (or symlinks), removepkg deletes the
++    overlapping file(s). Luckily this bug is fairly rare. See removepkg(8)
++    for detailed explanation.
+-	+ fix logic in split-out dlg_menu() to separate inputmenu and menu
+-	  handling (report by Auke Kok).
+-	+ fix fselect.c to compile properly with Intel compiler and largefile
+-	  option.
+-	+ improve configure script checks for curses headers to work around
+-	  breakage in some packages, e.g., cygwin.
+-	+ amend correction to menubox, fixes normal menus (Debian #349969).
+-	+ completed dialog.3 manpage
+-	+ modify configure script option --with-gauge to cover all flavors of
+-	  the gauge (gauge, pause, progressbox).
+-	+ add progressbox widget, a hybrid of gauge and tailbox (Reznic Valery).
+-	+ fix a comparison in checklist.c to avoid unneeded arrows when the
+-	  list happens to fit in the window (patch by Peter Postma).
+-	+ correct wrapping computation in print_line() from 2005/11/07 changes
+-	  (report by Barry Kauler).
+-	+ update sv.po (comments only).
+-	+ correct logic that passes the callback for menubox to do inputmenu
+-	  operations from 2005/12/7 changes (report by Reznic Valery).
+-	+ add a null-pointer check in dlg_register_buttons(), needed for the
+-	  tailboxbg (Debian #345524).
+-	+ fix a few memory leaks reported by valgrind.
+-	+ correct return-values of new functions dlg_default_listitem() and
+-	  dlg_default_formitem() (Debian #344002).
+-	+ add Swedish translation (Debian #343303, by Daniel Nylander)
+-	+ begin function-summaries in dialog.3
+-	+ update config.guess, config.sub
+-	+ change license to LGPL.
+-	+ change naming convention in dlg_colors.h to make it easier to read,
+-	  and incidentally remove the last chunk of code preventing relicense.
+-	+ add --passwordform (request by Reznic Valery).
+-	+ modify pause.c, msgbox.c to work with --help-button.
+-	+ modify formbox.c, inputbox.c, textbox.c, yesno.c to work with extra
+-	  button (adapted from Reznic Valery patch).
+-	+ modify dlg_exit_label(), dlg_yes_labels() and dlg_ok_label() to allow
+-	  help-button (prompted by Reznic Valery patch).
+-	+ add zh_CN.po file from
+-	+ provide alternate interfaces for dialog_checklist(), dialog_menu()
+-	  and dialog_form():  dlg_checklist(), dlg_menu() and dlg_form()
+-	  (discussion with Michael Gebetsroither).
+-	+ add/use dlg_result_key() to allow binding function keys to the
+-	  buttons.
+-	+ implement user-definable key bindings in the rc-file.
+-	+ modify inline cases for KEY_xxx values to use binding tables in new
+-	  module dlg_keys.c
+-	+ add several DIALOG_STATE items to the rc file:  aspect,
+-	  separate_widget, tab_len and visit_links
+-	+ add a tab-adjustment to dlg_print_text() to improve solution from
+-	  2005/10/30, e.g., in the samples/form* scripts.
+-	+ fix an off-by-one which made mouse-selection not work for menu items
+-	  past the first page (GenToo #112024, patch by Harald van Dijk).
+-	+ extend dlg_add_result() to allow caller to pass a null pointer
+-	  for dialog_vars.input_result (Debian #336986).
+-	+ correct length used for text portion of radio/checkboxes (report by
+-	  Valentin Stoykov).
+-	+ modify msgbox, textbox and center_label() to work properly for
+-	  LANG=bg_BG.utf8 examples by Valentin Stoykov.
+-	+ modify use of freopen() to work with opaque FILE type on DragonFly
+-	  (report by Jeremy C Reed).
+-	+ modify print_line() to compute columns, use that for the call to
+-	  dlg_print_line().  Fix a few places where strlen() was used instead
+-	  of dlg_count_columns() (reports by Valentin Stoykov).
+-	+ reviewed changes since beginning development in 1999, decided that
+-	  there are no appreciable portions of original code remaining.
+-	  Marked sources to correspond.
+-	+ improve cache performance for inputstr.c using tsearch() rather than
+-	  a linked-list search (Debian #294853).
+-	+ remove a special case for darwin in CF_XOPEN_SOURCE configure macro.
+-	+ add ms.po file from
+-	+ remove an assignment that caused the cursor to appear initially on a
+-	  form field rather than button (Debian #333506).
+-	+ modify buttons.c to count columns rather than bytes, fixing case
+-	  where buttons were laid out incorrectly (report by Valentin Stoykov).
+-	+ change dlg_print_text() to count columns rather than bytes, fixing
+-	  case where fewer columns were displayed in menu than expected
+-	  (report by Valentin Stoykov).
+-	+ improve fix for dlg_does_output(), eliminating redundant leading
+-	  separator.
+-	+ fill background color for item-help text (report by Peter Postma).
+-	+ correct interaction between --separate-output and --output-separator
+-	  broken in 2005/09/11 fix for Debian #326918 (Debian #331440).
+-	+ update config.guess, config.sub
+-	+ undo doubled adjustment for left/right margins when wrapping text
+-	  for msgbox, gauge and pause (report by Xyba).
+-	+ correct position of scrolled text in formbox broken by 2004/12/19
+-	  changes (report by Konrad Jelen).
+-	+ call dlg_does_output() from dlg_add_result(), ensuring that
+-	  separators are used when combining widgets such as formbox (report by
+-	  John Suykerbuyk).
+-	+ fix marker in textbox.c to make it disappear at the top of the file
+-	  (report by Patrick J. Volkerding).
+-	+ fix marker shown in arrows.c for checklists, etc., which was "(+)"
+-	  where it should have been "(-)" (report/patch by Patrick J. 
+-	  Volkerding).
+-	+ fix --input-fd (changes in glibc since 2003 made dialog hang on exit
+-	  due to the way dialog updated stdin).
+-	+ restore default value (a tab) for --separator or --separate-widget
+-	  lost in 2003/11/26 changes (Debian #326918).
+-	+ make several widgets handle SIGWINCH (calendar, checklist, formbox,
+-	  fselect, inputbox, menubox, pause, tailbox, textbox, timebox).  Only
+-	  msgbox and yesno had been done before.  Note that some still have
+-	  fixed geometry requirements, so they cannot be shrunk below a given
+-	  threshold.  Also, these changes do not address traversal, e.g., for
+-	  tailboxbg.
+-	+ make gauge widget handle SIGWINCH with ncurses (Debian #305705).
+-	+ add configure option to control whether largefile support is
+-	  compiled-in (Debian #298882).
+-	+ update eu.po (Debian #312622, patch by Piarres Egana).
+-	+ add/update po files from
+-	  fi.po, rw.po, sr.po, tr.po, zh_TW.po
+-	+ fixes for configure script:
+-	  + improve script for determining gcc version
+-	  + improve checks for Intel compiler and related warning options
+-	  + improve checks for defining _XOPEN_SOURCE (or alternatives) and
+-	+ update config.guess, config.sub
+-	+ add/update po files from
+-	  ga.po, it.po
+-	+ revert last change for da.po; it was from an older version (report by
+-	  Morten Brix Pedersen).
+-	+ modify so --disable-echo applies to libtool builds.
+-	+ corrected malloc size used for editable fields in formbox widget to
+-	  match the function which updates the corresponding buffer.
+-	+ modify formbox widget's use of flen to allow negative values to be
+-	  used to limit the length of the displayed field.
+-	+ improve description in manpage of output from formbox widget
+-	  (Debian #292418).
+-	+ modify formbox widget to allow fields with flen==0 to display
+-	  (Debian #292417).
+-	+ improved configure macros CF_POSIX_C_SOURCE and CF_XOPEN_SOURCE, to
+-	  avoid redefinition warnings on cygwin.
+-	+ fix a typo in inputmenu-stdout found via "sh -n" (report by Steve
+-	  Grubb).
+-	+ add/update po files from
+-	  ca.po, da.po, hu.po, nl.po, rm.po, ro.po, vi.po
+-	+ add --args option to help with debugging scripts.
+-	+ adapted some new po files from Debian package for whiptail:  ar.po,
+-	  bg.po, gl.po, hi.po, hr.po, mg.po, mk.po, ro.po, sq.po and zh_TW.po
+-	+ update da.po (Morten Brix Pedersen).
+-	+ add configure check for Intel 8.0 compiler, to set appropriate
+-	  warning options.
+-	+ update config.guess, config.sub
+-	+ correct a typo in 2004/12/19 changes which caused width of multibyte
+-	  characters to be incorrectly computed in some locales.
+-	+ modify --version and --help options to write consistently to the
+-	  standard output (report by Santiago Vila).
+-	+ modify tailboxbg by resetting tty modes at the point where it forks a
+-	  process to update the screen, rather than waiting until that process
+-	  exits.  This improves user feedback by making it apparent that dialog
+-	  is no longer processing input after that point (Redhat Bugzilla
+-	  #142538).
+-	+ minor updates to some .po files using Babel Fish, comparing with lynx.
+-	+ update es.po (Santiago Vila).
+-	+ work around bug in NetBSD 1.6 curses which seems to be confused by
+-	  reusing color pairs with different video attributes.  The problem
+-	  does not appear in NetBSD 2.0 curses (but its headers do not provide
+-	  version info, so color-caching is not available for that
+-	  configuration).
+-	+ modify pause and gauge widgets to ensure that reverse-video progress
+-	  bar is visible when the background is reversed, e.g., using the
+-	  default non-color attributes.
+-	+ use chtype rather than attr_t, to build with old Solaris curses,
+-	  used in save/restore operation from 2004/09/20.
+-	+ add pause-widget (patch by Yura Kalinichen).
+-	+ modify exit-code returned on selecting the "Help"-button when the
+-	  --item-help option is given.  Previously this returned the same code
+-	  as "OK", since it combines output for "OK" with the help status.  It
+-	  now returns the help-code, but this can be overridden by setting the
+-	  environment variable $DIALOG_ITEM_HELP (reports by Erika Pacholleck
+-	  and Sebastian Muesch).
+-	+ modify formbox widget so input-length is not limited to field-length
+-	  (report by David Liebermann).
+-	+ localize the label on the search box for textbox widget (report by
+-	  Erika Pacholleck).
+-	+ correct usage message detail for fselect, which listed an extra
+-	  parameter (Debian #284008).
+-	+ add include for <sys/select.h> in ui_getc.c to build with QNX 4.25
+-	  using Watcom 10.6 (patch by Len Meakin).
+-	+ modify behavior when no locale (or POSIX locale) is set to allow
+-	  legacy interpretation of Latin-1 character set (Debian #284795).
+-	+ correct computation of column width for menubox/checkbox tags, for
+-	  multicolumn characters, e.g., the menubox-utf8 example.
+-	+ correct calls to wbkgdset(), which set the background attribute but
+-	  not the corresponding character (ncurses uses blank if none is given).
+-	+ improve configure script check for _XOPEN_SOURCE and _POSIX_C_SOURCE.
+-	+ improved limit-computation in show_message() to allow for scrolling
+-	  very long messages.
+-	+ adjust scrolling logic in msgbox to account for the one-line offset
+-	  used by the logic which wraps text in a box, thus avoiding leaving
+-	  an extra blank line (report by Maxim Sobolev).
+-	+ add samples/whiptail.rc
+-	+ add samples/ (noting that a later version of this exists
+-	  as pythondialog, but this is relatively self-contained).  Modified
+-	  the script to accept the $DIALOG environment variable like the other
+-	  sample scripts, to specify the path of the program to use.
+-	+ modify the install rule for header-files so the autoconf names in
+-	  dlg_config.h (and corresponding usage in dialog.h, etc), are altered
+-	  from "HAVE_xxx" to "DLG_HAVE_xxx", etc.
+-	+ add a check for getenv("HOME") in rc.c
+-	+ add a call to end_dialog() in signal_handler for tailboxbg (from
+-	  patch by Werner Fink).
+-	+ correct initialization in checklist and radiobox for --default-item,
+-	  scrolling as needed.
+-	+ modify --visit-items option so that it puts the cursor initially on
+-	  the list (in menubox, checklist and radiobox), accepts abbreviations
+-	  for the buttons when the cursor is on the button-row, and otherwise
+-	  (when --visit-items is given) abbreviations apply only to the list
+-	  (report by Erika Pacholleck).
+-	+ modify a few widgets (inputbox, textbox, yesno) to beep on unexpected
+-	  input.
+-	+ modify some msgbox widget to accept abbreviations of its button
+-	  label, for consistency with other widgets (request by Erika
+-	  Pacholleck).
+-	+ corrected logic of dlg_char_to_button(), making it check only the
+-	  first uppercase letter in each button label rather than all uppercase
+-	  letters (report by Erika Pacholleck, cf: 2003/09/10).
+-	+ improved description of --clear and --keep-window options (adapted
+-	  from Erika Pacholleck).
+-	+ move discussion of --beep and --beep-signal options to Obsolete
+-	  Options section of manpage, remove these from the help-message
+-	  (report by Erika Pacholleck).
+-	+ bracket extern's in dialog.h with C++ extern "C" declaration, in case
+-	  the library is used from a C++ application.
+-	+ modify inputmenu examples to allow ESC to cancel the script.
+-	+ modify inputmenu widget to cancel edit on a TAB or ESC.
+-	+ modify inputmenu widget to use the same color scheme for the editable
+-	  text as the inputbox widget.
+-	+ modify samples/killall to work around differences in "cut" versions.
+-	+ use the color-caching from the \Z logic when loading the ".rc" file,
+-	  thereby reducing the number of color pairs required, and making it
+-	  less likely that deriving color pairs for drawing arrows on a given
+-	  background will run out of colors.
+-	+ save/restore window attributes in dlg_draw_arrows() and similar
+-	  functions, to allow widgets to draw arrows using the widget's
+-	  background rather than a common/fixed value (request by Erika
+-	  Pacholleck).
+-	+ modify textbox widget so the down-arrow will be hidden when at the
+-	  end of the file.  (Modifying the up-arrow to be hidden is harder -
+-	  will do this when implementing scrollbars).
+-	+ correct off-by-one in fselect.c which left down-arrows showing at
+-	  the bottom of directory- and file-lists (report by Erika Pacholleck).
+-	+ improve display of percentages by omitting blanks where lines should
+-	  be shown.
+-	+ modify logic for \Z escapes to make those that set video attributes
+-	  not clear the colors (report by Erika Pacholleck).
+-	+ modify logic for \Z escapes to allow foreground and background
+-	  colors to be the same, provided that bold attribute is set.
+-	  Also improved the logic for choosing a background color when the
+-	  foreground and background are the same (report by Erika Pacholleck).
+-	+ update configure script macro CF_XOPEN_SOURCE, ensuring that the
+-	  _POSIX_C_SOURCE value is defined with a specific value (from a bug
+-	  report for lynx).
+-	+ fix configure script so that po/makefile is generated properly when
+-	  the configure --srcdir --enable-nls options are used.
+-	+ modify to allow build/install from another directory,
+-	  i.e., using configure --srcdir (patch by Mike Castle).
+-	+ updated da.po (Debian #262587, Morten Brix Pedersen).
+-	+ modify some sample scripts to avoid using grave quotes nested within
+-	  double quotes with multiple file redirection, which does not work
+-	  with Solaris /bin/sh (report/analysis by Eric Haller).
+-	+ check for end of string immediately after a \Z escape to avoid
+-	  displaying the null terminator as a ^@ (report by Erika Pacholleck).
+-	> patches by Erika Pacholleck:
+-	+ modify calendar.c, fselect.c and timebox.c to use color scheme like
+-	  other lists, using menubox colors rather than dialog colors.
+-	+ correct charset for po/de.po, translate messages for "Help" and
+-	  "Rename".
+-	+ omit parentheses around percentage in textbox.c
+-	+ correct a few mismatched attributes, e.g., searchbox_attr in textbox.c,
+-	  percentage in msgbox.c,
+-	+ add test scripts to cover zero-width column case.
+-	+ remove limit checks from checklist.c and menubox.c (cf: 2004/07/28),
+-	  since some scripts use zero-width columns (Debian #262411 and report
+-	  by Kyle Sallee).
+-	+ modify msgbox.c to only reserve space for percentage shown as part
+-	  of scrollable text for the msgbox widget.  This makes infobox look
+-	  as it did before 2004/06/06 changes (report by Vinesh Christopher)
+-	+ remove redundant calls to wtimeout() from widgets since wtimeout()
+-	  is properly called from ui_getc() where it is controlled by the
+-	  --timeout option (bug report by juanjo).
+-	+ add limit checks in checklist.c and menubox.c for very narrow screens
+-	  (prompted by Steve Grubb patch).
+-	+ initialize step in dlg_draw_buttons() in case it is used to draw
+-	  a vertical list of buttons (prompted by Steve Grubb patch).
+-	> fixes by Steve Grubb:
+-	+ correct logic in checklist.c (cf: 2003/11/26 changes) which turned
+-	  quoting on unnecessarily for radiobox, breaking some old scripts.
+-	+ increase size of array in dlg_ok_labels() to avoid overrun if extra
+-	  and help buttons are used (cf: 2002/06/12 changes).
+-	+ initialize fkey variable in menubox.c and textbox.c (cf: 2003/07/12).
+-2004/07/21 - release 1.0
+-	+ minor updates for configure script (CF_XOPEN_SOURCE, CF_NCURSES_LIBS)
+-	+ update config.guess, config.sub
+-	+ add nl.po (Jacques Weewer).
+-	+ add --visit-items option, which allows the user to tab to the item
+-	  list in the checklist/radiobox and menubox widgets (request by
+-	  Ari Moisio).
+-	+ use wide-character line-drawing for up/down arrows when configured
+-	  for wide-characters, gives better results with uxterm.
+-	+ limit the number of times a --file option can be used, to prevent
+-	  runaway recursion if a --file option is embedded within a file which
+-	  is included.
+-	+ improve discussion of wrapping in the manpage (Debian #251937).
+-	+ modify msgbox to allow it to scroll vertically like textbox (Debian
+-	  #233276).  This only works with ncurses.
+-	+ implement $DIALOGVARS environment variable to apply common options to
+-	  dialog_vars when it is reset before processing other common options.
+-	+ add --single-quoted option to control whether output is double-quoted
+-	  with '"' or single-quoted with single-quotes.
+-	+ revert the default quoting behavior of checklists to use
+-	  double-quotes (report by Mark K Post regarding Slackware scripts).
+-	+ add eu.po (Basque) (Piarres Beobide Egaa).
+-	+ add ca.po (Catalan) (Jordi Mallach).
+-	+ add a call to flushinp() to init_dialog(), to discard any typeahead
+-	  before dialog is invoked (Debian #244746).
+-	+ correct dlg_match_char() function, which was broken during rewrite
+-	  to support wide-characters (Debian #244777).
+-	+ improved ru.po, uses UTF-8 charset (Leonid Kanter, Redhat Bugzilla
+-	  #119200).
+-	+ correct position of shadow drawn for dialogs, which appeared to work
+-	  for most versions of curses (other than NetBSD) but would have been
+-	  visible for certain color schemes (discussion with Julian Coleman).
+-	+ correct loop-exit in longest_word() (Tomas Heredia, forwarded by
+-	  Santiago Vila).
+-	+ add cy.po (Welsh) (Dafydd Harries).
+-	+ modify quoting of results to use single-quote rather than double
+-	  quote, and ensure that results containing a quote or backslash
+-	  character are escaped (report by Florent Rougon)
+-	+ remove an incorrect comparison from checklist which made cursor
+-	  stick on the last line, from 2004/03/01 changes.
+-	+ add a dependency to install library if "--with-libtool" is used.
+-	+ add manpage for the library.
+-	+ add "--file"
+-	+ modify formbox.c to support "--help-status" like menubox.
+-	+ modify checklist.c to add item name to the "HELP" string when
+-	  "--help-button" is used and no --item-help option is given (Debian
+-	  #236841, report/patch by Jorg Sommer).
+-	+ rename colors.h to dlg_colors.h, install that when the library is
+-	  installed.
+-	+ add copyright notice to usage ("--help") message.
+-	+ correct a missing bounds check for mouse-clicks in menubox (prompted
+-	  by Debian #233044).
+-	+ updated several configure-script macros:  AM_GNU_GETTEXT,
+-	+ improve layout of calendar widget to allow for very long button
+-	  labels (report by Santiago Vila).
+-	+ correct logic for $DIALOG_TTY, broken in 2003/11/30.  The environment
+-	  variable must evaluate to a nonzero integer (report by Florent
+-	  Rougon).
+-	+ document interaction between "--default-no" and "--no-cancel" options
+-	  in manpage (Debian #223488).
+-	+ change configure script to use autoconf 2.52+patch, to work around
+-	  issues with Estonian locale (report by Seemant Kulleen).
+-	+ add uk.po (Ukrainian) (Debian #232441).
+-	+ make --default-item apply to checklist widget (Debian #225255).
+-	+ correct a missing check for --item-help when --help-status was given
+-	  for checklist (Debian #232921).
+-	+ correct a missing bounds check for mouse-clicks in checklist (Debian
+-	  #233044).
+-	+ update config.guess, config.sub
+-	+ correct infinite loop in yesno widget when "--defaultno" option is
+-	  combined with "--no-cancel" (Debian #223077).
+-	+ suppress double-quotes added for "--help-status" option if the
+-	  string does not contain any special characters.
+-	+ add samples/sourcemage.rc, for comparison with slackware.rc
+-	+ add "--insecure" option (request by Sean Mathews
+-	+ make "--defaultno" option apply to widgets which use OK/Cancel
+-	  buttons as well (Debian #209030).
+-	+ improve documentation of exit-codes for each widget in the manpage
+-	  (Debian #217926).
+-	+ add option "--keep-window" to suppress repainting after completing
+-	  each widget (request by Ingo van Lil).
+-	+ add options "--yes-label" and "--no-label" to allow override of the
+-	  "Yes" and "No" strings (request by Christoph Zwerschke).
+-	+ add option "--help-status" to allow script to restore a checklist
+-	  or radiolist after processing an item-help string (Debian #209031).
+-	+ modify width-calculation for non-formatted text to ensure it is
+-	  wide enough for the longest word in the text (patch by Andrew Gaul).
+-	+ modify dlg_index_columns() to count a newline as a single cell rather
+-	  than 2 for the normal curses case.  This fixes an off-by-one for
+-	  the text-justification, shown in screen 2 of msgbox1 sample script.
+-	+ fix dlg_char_to_button(); 2003/09/10 changes made it incorrectly
+-	  ignore case of the labels.
+-	+ change calendar's use of arrow keys so they are (as before 2002/06/22)
+-	  interpreted within the day-grid as movement within that grid (request
+-	  by David Anders).
+-	+ correct missing initialization of last_getc variable in dlg_getc()
+-	  (report/analysis by Victor Wodecki).
+-	+ modify main program to make
+-		dialog --no-shadow --print-maxsize
+-	  work.  Normally dialog prints the screen size after subtracting the
+-	  area reserved for shadows, but some applications may need the actual
+-	  screen size (Debian #213424).
+-	+ several related changes (Debian #213425):
+-	  + separate the examples using "--stdout" and "--output-fd" from the
+-	    normal usage examples.
+-	  + add "--input-fd" option, provide a sample of its use.
+-	  + modify init_dialog() to use initscr() unless a "--stdout" option
+-	    was used.  Some scripts relied on the coincidence that redirecting
+-	    standard output from dialog would "work".  Before this change
+-	    init_dialog() assumed that redirected standard output was
+-	    synonymous with "--stdout" option (not the intended behavior).
+-	  + modify command-line parsing to look for "--stdout" and "--stderr"
+-	    options first, allowing only one.
+-	  + add a check for an environment variable $DIALOG_TTY which provides
+-	    the older behavior, i.e., try to open the terminal directly if
+-	    stdout is redirected.
+-	+ interface changes, to make libdialog simpler to use:
+-	  + rename all of the internal functions to begin with "dlg_", but
+-	    provide compatibility with older names if the application defines
+-	    __DIALOG_OLD_NAMES__.
+-	  + add dialog_version() function, and corresponding DIALOG_VERSION and
+-	    DIALOG_PATCHDATE definitions to dlg_config.h
+-	  + eliminate remaining global variables such as screen_initialized in
+-	    favor of dialog_state and dialog_vars.
+-	  + move some data such as dialog_vars.output to dialog_state, since
+-	    they are normally not reset between widgets.
+-	  + change interfaces of dialog_yesno() and dialog_checklist() to use
+-	    dialog_state.defaultno and dialog_vars.separate_output, making it
+-	    simpler and more consistent.
+-	+ improve configure script and related definitions:
+-	  + add "--with-libtool" option to provide shared library support by
+-	    libtool.
+-	  + rename generated "config.h" to "dlg_config.h", so it can be
+-	    installed without naming conflict.  Added "dlg_config.h" to
+-	    install-lib rule.
+-	  + modify configure script and makefile to use EXEEXT and OBJEXT.
+-	  + add "--enable-widec" option to control whether wide-curses features
+-	    are compiled-in, rather than check for the existence of those in
+-	    the curses library.  This allows building with HPUX curses, which
+-	    has abandoned legacy features while not quite supporting X/Open
+-	    curses.
+-	  + add configure check for getbegx(), etc., which are not provided on
+-	    all platforms.
+-	+ update config.guess, config.sub
+-	+ update hu.po (Arpad Biro).
+-	+ revert part of the 2003/08/18 change to "--stdout" option.  Using
+-	  stderr for screen output does not work well on several platforms
+-	  since stdout's settings are affected (report by Kent Robotti).
+-	+ modify tailbox to allow it to display files with arbitrarily long
+-	  lines.
+-	+ fix an infinite loop in tailbox, broken when making interface changes
+-	  to dlg_getc() (report by Ingo van Lil).
+-	+ amend fix for "--and-widget" to not treat "---" as an option (report
+-	  by Kent Robotti).
+-	+ updated es.po (Santiago Vila).
+-	+ correct "RENAMED" result from inputmenu widget, which did not reset
+-	  the result buffer, and did not account for scroll-offset (Debian
+-	  #209336).
+-	+ modify button, menu and checklist logic that matches a character to
+-	  the beginning of a text field to support wide-characters (completes
+-	  Debian #195674).
+-	+ modify configure script to not use "head -1".
+-	+ modify searchbox popup in textbox widget so one can simply press
+-	  return on an empty input to cancel the popup.
+-	+ modify error reporting to avoid clearing screen if a problem is
+-	  found in the ".rc" file.
+-	+ add color/attribute combinations for form widget (based on patch by
+-	  Reznic Valery).
+-	+ combine rc-file colors, attribute- and color-tables to obtain a
+-	  single table for color values, which requires less work to add new
+-	  entries.
+-	+ modify fselect widget to make back-tab work again, since it was
+-	  broken by the rewrite of dlg_edit_string().
+-	+ modify howmany_tags() so it will quit searching when it finds any
+-	  option, not only "--and-widget" (Debian #206636).
+-	+ correct call to dlg_print_text() in print_line(), which did not
+-	  account for hidden characters (report/patch by David Poole).
+-	+ modify print_button() to display properly if locale defines ok/cancel
+-	  or yes/no buttons that contain multibyte characters.
+-	+ correct an indexing error when deleting from the end of a line using
+-	  KEY_DC; it happened to work on Linux because malloc() clears memory
+-	  like calloc().
+-	+ add '\r' to case statement where '\n' is translated to KEY_ENTER to
+-	  work around defect in NetBSD curses.
+-	+ modify configure check for getparyx(), etc., which are implemented
+-	  by NetBSD curses as functions rather than macros.
+-	+ correct configure check for term.h, which may be <ncursesw/term.h>
+-	  if ncursesw development headers are installed, but not ncurses
+-	  development headers.  Or they may not coincide (Debian #206287).
+-	+ modify checklist.c and menubox.c to display tags properly if they
+-	  contain wide-characters.
+-	+ better solution for initializing curses when "--stdout" option is
+-	  used, e.g., use stderr for the output if it is a tty.  Also correct
+-	  the error handling, so dialog exits with an error if it cannot
+-	  find a way to do output (Debian #205509).
+-	+ modify sample scripts to use consistent definition of $DIALOG
+-	  (Debian #205508).
+-	+ add UTF-8 examples inputbox6-utf8, inputbox6-utf8 (from Tomohiro
+-	  KUBOTA as testcases for Debian #195674).
+-	+ modify print_line() to work with wide-characters, e.g., so it handles
+-	  wrapping for double-width characters.
+-	+ cache results from multibyte character indices, speeds up cursor
+-	  movement.
+-	+ modify form widget to support scrolling and mouse-selection.
+-	+ add form widget (based on patch by Reznic Valery).
+-	+ correct mouse-handling for inputmenu widget.
+-	+ corrections to menu.c: location of clearing operation, and height of
+-	  rows in code for older ncurses versions (patch by Reznic Valery).
+-	+ improve logic that compensates for xterm's alternate-screen by
+-	  cancelling the rmcup/smcup strings after the rmcup has been issued.
+-	  That ensures that dialog will not clear the screen on exit (report
+-	  by Javier Kohen).
+-	+ modify initialization between widgets to retain the values for the
+-	  --aspect, --separate-widget and --tab-len options.
+-	+ add --separator as an alias for --separate-widget (Xdialog).
+-	+ correct handling of Xdialog's --icon and --wmclass options, whose
+-	  parameter was not ignored.
+-	+ correct logic for --separate-widget so its string is written before
+-	  each output, rather than only for --and-widget option (report by
+-	  Javier Kohen).
+-	+ improve limit-check in center_label() for buttons.c (report by Tor
+-	  Vidar Havstad).
+-	+ correct layout of --menu widget, which reduced display width due to
+-	  logic for --inputmenu being applied whether or not that configuration
+-	  was used (reports by Javier Kohen, Dimitar Zhekov and MAL
+-	  <>).  Fixes Debian #201215.
+-	+ modify gauge widget to support --begin option (Hans-Joachim Baader).
+-	+ updated pl.po (Jaroslaw Swierczynski).
+-	+ hide cursor while painting gauge.
+-	+ add auto-sizing logic to gauge widget (reports by Javier Kohen and
+-	  Robert Schubert).
+-	+ rewrote inputstr.c, allowing it to enter and display wide-characters.
+-	  Some nonprinting characters such as control/B can be edited as well.
+-	+ modify timebox to allow user to type numbers into the fields.
+-	+ change interfaces of dlg_getc(), mouse_wgetch(), etc., to add
+-	  parameter that returns whether the result is really a function-key.
+-	  This is needed to work with wide-character curses.
+-	+ correct computation of week-number in calendar widget (report by
+-	  Heiner Lamann).
+-	+ updated configure script macros:
+-	  + suppress -Winline with gcc 3.3, since it is broken.
+-	  + fix caching bug in CF_UTF8_LIB
+-	  + improved script for CF_BUNDLED_INTL.
+-	+ update config.guess, config.sub
+-	+ add null-pointer checks to some malloc calls which were overlooked.
+-	+ correct logic in dlg_add_result(), which did not copy content of
+-	  non-allocated buffer to the first allocation (report by Daniel
+-	  Dupont).
+-	+ correct an uninitialized value in dlg_add_result() (Debian #182683).
+-	+ corrected print_line(), which subtracted the margin twice from the
+-	  right-limit, making a string wrap unnecessarily (Debian #168823).
+-	+ correct initial limit-check for arrows in checklist.c, which used
+-	  the wrong variable, showing the bottom arrow when it should not
+-	  (Debian #168823).
+-	+ modify driver to always call show_result(), to simplify updates.
+-	+ fix several memory leaks, important if dialog is run with a large
+-	  number of widgets (report by forwarded by
+-	  Santiago Vila).
+-	+ check if the screen output is actually to the terminal before trying
+-	  to suppress xterm's alternate screen mode (see 2000/01/18) (report by
+-	  David Oliveira).
+-	+ use dialog_vars.input_result consistently to return the text which is
+-	  printed after a widget completes.  In many cases, dialog now
+-	  allocates enough space to hold the text, rather than use a fixed
+-	  buffer.  The checklist widget was writing directly to the output to
+-	  avoid limits of the fixed buffer.
+-	+ modify dialog.c to also write dialog_vars.input_result if the
+-	  Help-button was pressed (request by Amon Ott).
+-	+ add hu.po (Arpad Biro).
+-	+ update fr.po, pt.po, pt_BR.po to add strings for "Help" button (patch
+-	  by Frederic L W Meunier).
+-	+ fix off-by-one error in menu.c, checklist.c (reported by
+-	  Tomasz Wasiak 2002/09/15 and others:
+-	  Andrew Gaul 2002/11/12,
+-	  Tobias C Rittweiler 2002/11/19,
+-	  Arpad Biro 2003/01/21).
+-	+ updated configure script, improving checks for ncurses in various
+-	  locations, updated NLS script to match lynx.  Added --with-curses-dir
+-	  option.
+-	> Tobias C Rittweiler:
+-	+ make ifdef in mousewget.c consistent with usage in dialog.h
+-	+ use beep() rather than flash() in dlg_edit_string(), for consistency
+-	  with the other functions.
+-	+ change order of buttons so extra button falls between Ok/Cancel.
+-	+ fix so "dialog --print-maxsize" exits from curses.
+-	+ add --inputmenu option.
+-	+ modify checklist.c and menubox.c to treat the extra button like the
+-	  "Ok" button by making dialog print the chosen items (request by
+-	  Tobias C Rittweiler).
+-	+ add examples checklist6 and menubox6 to illustrate the --colors
+-	  option.
+-	+ implement -colors option, which allows one to highlight words in the
+-	  titles and most text areas with color or video attributes (adapted
+-	  from patch by Tobias C Rittweiler).
+-	+ add examples inputbox4, inputbox5 to illustrate how to use the
+-	  --output-fd option, and how to use dialog without any temporary
+-	  file at all.
+-	+ add --output-fd option (Debian #153984).
+-	+ documented vi-style keys for calendar, textbox widgets in manpage.
+-	+ improve mouse handling, e.g., for up/down scrolling in calendar,
+-	  checklist, etc.
+-	+ adapted patch by Tobias C Rittweiler to add --extra-button and
+-	  --extra-label options.
+-	+ correct displayed cursor position in inputbox when returning to the
+-	  input area after traversing the buttons with tabs, etc.
+-	+ add left/right arrows for traversal in calendar and timebox dialogs.
+-	+ implement two new functions dlg_next_ok_buttonindex() and
+-	  dlg_prev_ok_buttonindex(), using these to hide details about the
+-	  traversal over buttons in several widgets.
+-	+ modify checklist.c and menubox.c to verify if both --help-button and
+-	  --item-help are specified before assuming that selecting the help
+-	  button should cause the "HELP {item-help}" message to be printed
+-	  (reported by Marcel Ritter).
+-	+ modify init_dialog() to work around HP's broken tty driver (report by
+-	  John Mudd).  Specifically, the problem is that when opening /dev/tty
+-	  directly (to support the --stdout option), the terminal does not
+-	  change to raw mode.  The workaround opens /dev/tty only as needed;
+-	  the --stdout option does not work on HPUX but otherwise dialog works.
+-	+ updated el.po (patch by kromJx <>).
+-	+ add --no-collapse option to allow one to retain tabs and repeated
+-	  blanks in a message box (request by Roberto Simoni).
+-	+ use DLG_EXIT_ESC constant rather than -1's in several places.  This
+-	  has the effect of changing some exit-with-error cases to denote that
+-	  the exit was because ESC was pressed (patch by Diego Alvarez,
+-	  forward by Santiago Vila).
+-	+ bump package version to 0.9b (with patch-date, as usual).
+-	+ add --exit-label option (request by Roberto Simoni).
+-	+ updated de.po to correct translation for "Cancel" (from Michael
+-	  Piefel fixes Debian #146402).
+-	+ use definitions from autoconf macro AC_HEADER_TIME to ensure that
+-	  time() is properly prototyped.
+-	+ update pl.po, adding translation for "Help" (patch by Swiergot
+-	  <>).
+-	+ update COPYING file, to reflect address change of FSF (reported by
+-	  Santiago Vila).
+-	+ update some configuration script macros:  CF_CHECK_CACHE,
+-	+ correct misuse of "$with_XXX" variables in the configure script,
+-	  which prevented configuration against curses library as opposed to
+-	  ncurses.
+-	+ update config.guess, config.sub
+-2002/03/09 (a)
+-	+ modify geometry of samples/fselect scripts to allow them to run in
+-	  a 24x80 screen (report/patch by Santiago Vila).
+-	+ correct exit-code for menubox.c when Cancel is pressed.  This was
+-	  unintentionally altered when adding --help-button (reported by
+-	  Patrick J Volkerding)
+-	+ add --timeout option, which forces the program to exit with an error
+-	  if no user response is given within the specified number of seconds
+-	  (request by <>).
+-	+ modify calendar widget to allow day/month/year values to default to
+-	  the current date (request by <>).
+-	+ modify display of buttons in checklist.c and menubox.c to handle the
+-	  case where the button label is empty (Debian #134388).
+-	+ extended logic for ok/cancel/help to make this work with checklist
+-	  widget.
+-	+ revert pt_BT.po, apply changes to pt.po (report by Frederic L W
+-	  Meunier).
+-	> several changes from Stanislav Ievlev:
+-	+ add options --help-button and --help-label to make menubox display a
+-	  third button which can be used to return an exit code causing the
+-	  calling script to show extended help information.
+-	+ use home/end keys in input string-editing, e.g., inputbox.
+-	+ add option --max-input to limit length of string returned by inputbox
+-	  and other widgets which allow the user to edit a string.
+-	+ add --ok-label and --cancel-label options (request by Kyle Sallee
+-	  independent of Xdialog).
+-	+ correct usage message for --fselect option (reported by Patrick J
+-	  Volkerding).
+-	+ add samples/debian.rc, for comparison with slackware.rc
+-	+ corrected samples/slackware.rc, which was just the compiled-in
+-	  default values (patch by Patrick J Volkerding).
+-	+ modify search rule for rc-file to add a global rc file /etc/dialogrc
+-	  (patch by Patrick J Volkerding).
+-	+ updated pt_BR.po with modified entries for fselect.c (Frederic L W
+-	  Meunier).
+-	+ add pl.po (Swiergot <>).
+-	+ modify command-line parsing to allow a "--" argument to act as an
+-	  escape, so the next argument is not recognized as an option if it
+-	  begins with "--".  This is apparently one of popt's undocumented
+-	  features, upon which some Debian scripts depend (Debian #116642).
+-	+ add da.po (Morten Brix Pedersen <>).
+-	+ add an install-strip rule to makefile, changing the normal install
+-	  rule to not strip the installed executable (based on discussion with
+-	  Santiago Vila).
+-	+ initialize my_output variable if user cannot open /dev/tty, e.g., if
+-	  su'd to another user (patch by Richard Braakman <> Debian
+-	  #117177).
+-	+ add configure option --with-ncursesw, to allow configure/build with
+-	  wide-character version of ncurses.
+-	+ add option --ignore, to make dialog be ignore options that it does
+-	  not recognize.
+-	+ add option --trim, to trim literal newlines and repeated spaces from
+-	  text that will be displayed.  Add samples/msgbox2, which is the
+-	  same as msgbox1, but using --trim (cf: change for Debian #102942).
+-	+ minor correction to attributes for buttons.c to use active_attr on
+-	  the right-side of a button.
+-	+ add a sample dialog rc-file slackware.rc based on diffs from
+-	  (discussion with Frederic L W Meunier).
+-	+ modify to avoid using a statically-named tempfile, allowing
+-	  multiple processes to use this script (patch by <>,
+-	  Debian #110609).
+-	+ correct fprintf() call in j_menu() function, i.e., "--menu" option,
+-	  which did not guard against expanding '%' embedded in the parameters
+-	  (Stavros Chatzistefanidis <>).
+-	+ add et.po (Ivar Smolin <>).
+-	+ update fr.po (Frederic L W Meunier).
+-	+ modify to allow scripts to alter the exit codes, mainly to
+-	  distinguish ESC and ERROR exits.  This is done by setting a shell
+-	  variable such as DIALOG_ESC to a new value (request by Petr Vandrovec
+-	  <>, Debian #99264)
+-	+ use VPATH in makefile to support build with configure --srcdir, if
+-	  the make program supports that.  Note that samples/install/makefile
+-	  is not generated, due to awkward limitation of autoconf script
+-	  (reported by Frederic L W Meunier <>).
+-	+ add po/pt_BR.po (Frederic L W Meunier <>).
+-	+ correct sense of --enable/--disable shown in configure --help (report
+-	  by Frederic L W Meunier <>).
+-	+ correct logic for --clear option, broken in 2000/07/02 (fixes Debian
+-	  #110254).
+-	+ porting fixes to work on AIX: flush output to work around bug in
+-	  curses library, use ./killall in scripts to avoid conflict with
+-	  AIX program by that name.
+-	+ modify dlg_trim_string() to retain literal newlines if the string
+-	  does not contain "\\n" strings, and to retain leading blanks on the
+-	  resulting lines, for compatibility with older scripts (Debian
+-	  #102942).
+-	+ add charset specification to cs.po
+-	+ change dates in CHANGES to consistent format, add el.po for Greek
+-	  (patch by kromJx <>).
+-	+ eliminate static globals (bss, data) from modules rc, tailbox,
+-	  textbox using better parameter-passing convention, and const.
+-	+ cleanup temporary files in a few of the sample scripts.
+-	+ rewrote tailboxbg using select() rather than fork(), thereby
+-	  eliminating lock-files.  Only one process should be trying to display
+-	  on the screen at any given time.
+-	+ add error check to ensure that numeric parameters are really numbers.
+-	+ correct off-by-one in error messages reporting too-few or too-many
+-	  tokens for a given option (reported by George Mirchev).
+-	+ fix typo in manpage, "textboxbg" where "tailboxbg" was meant
+-	  (reported by George Mirchev <>).
+-	+ use DLG_EXIT_xxx symbols consistently for all exit codes.
+-	+ updated es.po (patch by Santiago Vila).
+-	+ updates for some configure script macros from lynx:  CF_MAKEFLAGS,
+-	+ fixes to compile if <term.h> is included, e.g., when building with
+-	  AIX curses (report by Suzi Dowson <>).
+-	+ updated dialog.pot
+-	+ modify fselect.c to work with autosize, i.e., given height and width
+-	  zero (report by Martin Povolny).
+-	+ add a null-pointer check in justify_text(), needed by fselect.c
+-	+ add several more options which dialog can safely ignore, from
+-	  Xdialog 2.0.2
+-	+ refinements for configure macros checking for $CPPFLAGS, from lynx.
+-	+ update config.guess, config.sub to match autoconf 2.50
+-	> Martin Povolny <>:
+-	+ add cs.po
+-	+ use nl_langinfo() to customize names for day-of-week, and month
+-	> Vincent Stemen <>:
+-          Fixed dialog.c to not pass menu items through dlg_trim_string().
+-          Stripping extra spaces out of the menu items broke some of my
+-          scripts by altering the string that it compared to know which menu
+-          item was selected.  There should be no need to do justification on
+-          the menu items, which are always one line, anyway.
+-	> Vincent Stemen <>:
+-	+ rewrote the text justification code to be able to have preformatted
+-	  text in the prompts with extra spaces like the older versions of
+-	  dialog.  If there are "\n" strings in the text, then extra spaces are
+-	  preserved.  Lines are always wrapped on word boundaries.
+-        + fixed --cr-wrap to break lines on '\n' (newline) characters and not
+-          add an extra line at the top and bottom of the text.  It now works
+-          as the manual says it should.
+-	+ it is no longer necessary to use "\n\" at the end of lines to escape
+-	  the '\n' character.  "\n" now works.  However, the old way, "\n\"
+-	  still works.
+-        + the fixes involved the following changes:
+-          - rewrote dlg_trim_string() to recognize preformatted text (know
+-            when not to strip extra spaces) and to pay attention to --cr-wrap.
+-          - rewrote justify_text() which now calls a new function in util.c,
+-            print_line(), to print each line and end it on a word boundary.
+-	  - modified real_auto_size() to call a new function
+-	    auto_size_preformated() to calculate the box size for preformatted
+-	    text.
+-          - removed skip_blanks() and skip_text() since they are not used by
+-            the new justify_text().
+-          - modified dialog.c to not call dlg_trim_string() on title strings
+-            so that titles retain their spaces.
+-        + modified the following demo files in the sample directory:
+-          - inputbox
+-	      changed all "\n\" strings to "\n" to demonstrate the extra
+-	      backslash is no longer needed.
+-          - inputbox1
+-              removed all the "\n\" strings from the end of the lines to
+-              properly demonstrate --cr-wrap.
+-          - msgbox1
+-	      this sample was using "--aspect 9 --cr-wrap".  Rewrote it to
+-	      properly demonstrate --aspect.  9 is already dialog's default
+-	      aspect ratio.  It now creates several dialogs in sequence,
+-	      demonstrating aspect ratios of 9, 12 and 6 and properly
+-	      demonstrates --cr-wrap.
+-        + made the following changes to the manual (dialog.1).
+-          - rewrote the description of --aspect to be more understandable.
+-          - rewrote the description of --cr-wrap to be more correct and more
+-            detailed.  It did say, "Otherwise, the text for each dialog will
+-            display on a single line.", which is not correct.  It wraps the
+-            text to fit in the box.
+-	> T.Dickey:
+-	+ use logic from menubox dialog in checklist to handle autosizing when
+-	  list height is given as zero (fixes problem reported by Eric Veltman
+-	  <>).
+-	+ modify checklist and menubox dialogs to check for too-wide data, and
+-	  truncate one or both of the name and text fields to fit (also
+-	  reported by Eric Veltman).
+-	+ corrected a few items from Vincent's patch:
+-	  - use C89-style comments rather than C++
+-	  - restore logic in justify_text() which checks for win==0, needed to
+-	    work with standard curses implementations other than ncurses.
+-	    The first call on justify_text() passes a null pointer as a flag
+-	    to indicate that checking should be done, but no screen updates.
+-	  - avoid modifying the buffer in decode_percent(), otherwise a message
+-	    containing a space or newline would be truncated at the whitespace.
+-	  - modify dlg_button_x_step() and dlg_button_layout() slightly to
+-	    work with altered print_autowrap(), etc.
+-	+ fixes to build/work with SunOS 4.x 5lib curses
+-	+ fix a memory leak in mouse_region().
+-	+ simplify handling of optional parameters with new functions
+-	  optional_str() and optional_num().
+-	+ add calendar and timebox dialogs (compatible with Xdialog).
+-	+ correct typo in fallback definition for getparyx, and remove void
+-	  cast for mouse_open and mouse_close which prevented build with
+-	  Sun's Solaris compiler.
+-	+ rename --enable-lxdialog configure option to --enable-Xdialog
+-	+ modify CF_NCURSES_CPPFLAGS macro to match more variations of ncurses
+-	  header files.
+-	+ update config.guess, config.sub
+-	+ modify some configure script macros to avoid problems with buggy
+-	  autoconf 2.49c which breaks changequote().
+-	+ small fix to revised real_auto_size() and justify_text() to avoid
+-	  adding origin to box-width, which broke samples/wheel.
+-	+ apply 1999/12/25 tempfile change to wheel and copismall samples.
+-	+ add sample script for tailboxbg.
+-	+ revised lock-file management to better ensure that locks are actually
+-	  created by the tailbox subprocess(es).
+-	+ correct hardcoded signal 15 in tailbox to SIGHUP to match
+-	  documentation.  Signal 15 is usually SIGTERM, which cannot be caught.
+-	+ correct off-by-one comparison of return-value for arg_rest() which
+-	  made
+-		dialog --gauge test 10 50
+-	  dump core because it expected a 4th parameter (fixes Debian #80641).
+-	+ resync config.sub, config.guess from
+- (which finally have
+-	  cases for OS/2 EMX), minor tweaks to related configure script macros.
+-	+ restore treatment of predefined height/width in real_auto_size()
+-	  which was lost in 2000/12/12 rewrite (report by Raphael Halimi
+-	  <>).
+-	+ updates for configure script macros AM_PATH_PROG_WITH_TEST,
+-	  fixes.
+-	+ correct change for create_lock(), which resulted in an infinite loop
+-	  (patch by Chris Butler, <>).
+-	+ rewrote print_autowrap() and real_auto_size() to share common code
+-	  justify_text(), which now does text flow even when the string
+-	  contains newlines (fixes Debian #77199).
+-	+ improve create_lock() function using open() with O_EXCL rather than
+-	  fopen() (patch by Matt Kraai <> fixes Debian #78951).
+-	+ correct description of --fselect in man page (patch by Tomas Pospisek
+-	  <> fixes Debian #77200).
+-	+ add --no-cancel as alias for --nocancel for compatibility with
+-	  Xdialog (report by Luis E Limon <>).
+-	+ some lint fixes using lclint (mostly void-casts, but some
+-	  sign-extension fixes e.g., for ctype.h macros, and loop in
+-	  dlg_char_to_button()).
+-	+ modified to build/run on OS/2 EMX with ncurses.
+-	+ minor changes to po/*.po (trim trailing blanks, provide explicit
+-	  translation for "OK"), to work with Solaris gettext.
+-	+ modified to allow this to build with archaic version (1.8.6)
+-	  of ncurses on FreeBSD 3.1 (does not run).
+-	+ update config.guess, config.sub from
+-	+ use new function sub_window() to check success/failure of calls to
+-	  subwin(), printing an error message if it fails (fixes Debian #74903).
+-	+ use combination of isatty/ttyname to look for workable tty device
+-	  on systems which have no /dev/tty, e.g., BeOS.
+-	+ change exiterr() to use stdarg.h, make some messages easier to
+-	  understand.
+-	+ add dialog_clear()
+-	+ make samples/install/setup build.
+-	+ implemented mouse support for buttons, e.g., in yesno dialog using
+-	  ncurses (the gpm support no longer works, but is useful for reference)
+-	+ add a configure check for chtype.
+-	+ updates for configure script macros (CF_BUNDLED_INTL, CF_CURSES_LIBS,
+-	  config.guess, config.sub
+-	+ cleanup of item-help change, integrate with checklist and radiobox.
+-	+ add ja.po, from Hirofumi Takeda <>.
+-	> patch by Marco Mariani <>
+-	+ add --item-help option, which makes menubox data interpreted as
+-	  3 columns rather than 2.  The third column is displayed on the
+-	  last line of the screen as a help/status message for the currently
+-	  selected item.
+-	+ add it.po, pt.po
+-	+ change TAG_KEY_HL to FALSE, making unselected items in checklist
+-	  easier to read on Linux console.
+-	+ change real_auto_size() to allow it to be used for dialogs that have
+-	  no prompt, e.g., fselect.  Also, rather than requiring both height
+-	  and width to be given as -1 for maximizing the dialog, allow either
+-	  alone.
+-	+ increase minimum height needed for autosized yesno dialog.
+-	+ add --version as an alias for --print-version.
+-	+ fix for build on Solaris without NLS (cannot redefine 'gettext()').
+-	+ add fselect dialog (compatible with Xdialog).
+-	+ add --enable-lxdialog configure option.
+-	+ use new configure macro CF_ARG_MSG_ENABLE to show progress with
+-	  enable/disable switches.
+-	+ implement --stdout and --stderr options as in Xdialog.
+-	+ move logic that translates "\\n" into '\n' into main program to
+-	  simplify logic that formats text.
+-	+ make ifdef's for rc-file not specific to ncurses.
+-	+ correct logic making percent parameter of gauge optional.
+-	+ add alternate test-script for gauge, adapted from Xdialog.
+-	+ modify gauge to make optional a percentage which was read at the
+-	  beginning of the XXX-delimited message text, since clones of dialog
+-	  are written to assume this is text.  If the line is not a simple
+-	  integer, dialog will treat it as text.
+-	+ make the percent parameter of gauge optional, as in Xdialog.
+-	+ undo one use of CharOf() in guage.c, an error.
+-	+ fix configure macro AM_WITH_NLS to refrain from attempting to make a
+-	  symbolic link into/libintl.h if we are not using the bundled intl
+-	  directory from gettext (reported by Julian Coleman
+-	  <>).
+-	+ add ru.po, from Michael Sobolev <>
+-	+ updates for config.guess, config.sub from tin.
+-	+ updates for configure script macros:  CF_MATH_LIB (improperly nested
+-	  brackets/parenthesis) and CF_XOPEN_CURSES (make include of
+-	  <*curses.h> depend on configure tests).
+-	+ repaint screen when a control/L is pressed.
+-	+ apply CharOf() macro to avoid sign-extension on calls to waddch(),
+-	  fixes a problem with accented characters (reported by Santiago Vila).
+-	+ add es.po, from Santiago Vila <>
+-	+ modified to use gettext (configure option --enable-nls).  This uses
+-	  gettext 0.10.35, which must be previously installed.  (It can also
+-	  use an included intl library, but I consider that to be a waste of
+-	  disk space).
+-	+ remove code in checklist/radiobox, menubox that try to use
+-	  abbreviations for the OK/Cancel buttons since those conflict with the
+-	  check for abbreviations in list entries, which are more useful.
+-	+ moved padding of button labels out of string literals, into the
+-	  logic of dlg_draw_buttons().
+-	+ resync/update with configure macros CF_CURSES_LIBS, CF_FIND_LIBRARY,
+- and config.guess.
+-	+ add --default-item option, for menubox to set the default selection
+-	  (fixes Debian #49796).
+-	+ add sample scripts for --nocancel and --fb options with inputbox.
+-	+ modify inputbox* sample scripts to show application errors, if any.
+-	+ add --nocancel option, and ignore --noitem, --fb, --fullbutton, to
+-	  make this compatible with whiptail scripts.  (whiptail does not
+-	  handle many dialog scripts however).
+-	+ modify checklist/radiobox to handle home, end, nextpage, prevpage
+-	  keys, as well as make the abbreviation search work for the whole
+-	  list, not only the current page.
+-	+ treat KEY_LL the same as KEY_END in checklist and textbox.
+-	+ add logic for KEY_BTAB.
+-	+ use new function dlg_draw_buttons() to better manage the layout of
+-	  yes/no/ok/cancel buttons.
+-	+ another pass of cleanup of dialog.c, makes it use a single table for
+-	  lookup of option names and help-message.  Eliminated numerous
+-	  adjustments to 'offset' variable.
+-	+ on initialization, check if standard input is from a terminal.  If
+-	  not, open /dev/tty (fixes Debian #57771)
+-	+ implement inline editing in textbox.c search dialog.
+-	+ revise inputbox.c, allowing inline editing with arrow-keys.  removed
+-	  redundant logic in that module.
+-	+ correct a typo that prevented rc-file configuration from building.
+-	+ correct ifdef's to compile/run if the curses implementation does not
+-	  support color.
+-	+ improve test-case for gauge.
+-	+ change gauge.c to show progress in reverse-video, add a check for
+-	  end-of-file in the loop for reading new messages.
+-	+ use curses whline() function to simplify print_arrows() logic in
+-	  checklist.c and menubox.c
+-	+ use curses beep() function rather than hardcoded strings.
+-	+ correct several compiler warnings for gcc -pedantic (mismatch of
+-	  const, signed/unsigned).
+-	+ modify exiterr() to avoid possible expansion of '%'.
+-	+ change CF_MATH_LIB configure macro to allow specifying a particular
+-	  test-function.  For dialog, this should be sqrt().  The macro was
+-	  originally written for ncurses, which needs sin().  However, that is
+-	  a builtin function on the m68k port (reported by Roman Hodek
+-	  <>, this fixes Debian #55553).
+-	+ update manpage (Debian #25648).
+-	+ modify configure test for math library to avoid using a constant
+-	  parameter to the test function, lest gcc optimize the call away
+-	  (fixes Debian #55553).
+-	+ restructure help-message so actual problem is indicated.  The original
+-	  help-message is shown if no parameters are given, or if the --help
+-	  option is specified alone.
+-	+ suppress xterm's alternate screen mode by sending an exit_ca_mode
+-	  after initscr if the terminal looks like xterm, e.g., has key_mouse
+-	  defined, and has private-mode escapes in both enter_ca_mode and
+-	  exit_ca_mode (fixes Debian #55181).
+-	+ change yellow lettering on white to blue on white, since it offers
+-	  better contrast (fixes Debian #51196).
+-	+ use napms() rather than sleep().
+-	+ some cleanup/simplification of main program.  Indent'd dialog.c and
+-	  util.c
+-	+ eliminate several places where repeated options are treated as
+-	  an error, since they are really executed once anyway.
+-	+ remove pre-autoconf Makefile
+-	+ remove sleep's from a few of the sample scripts, which left users
+-	  thinking that dialog was slow to complete an action.
+-	+ rewrote infobox sample script, using dialog's --sleep option and
+-	  a loop in the script.
+-	+ change 'ch' variable in tailbox.c to an integer, because it is
+-	  compared against EOF (fixes Debian #53157).
+-	+ corrected mandir variable in (reported by Santiago Vila).
+-	+ small changes to sample scripts, from Debian: rename "guage" script
+-	  to "gauge", change path to copy of GPL used in textbox.
+-	+ add uninstall rule to, fixed some dependencies so
+-	  "make install" works without first doing "make all".
+-	+ use more portable scheme for tempfile generation in samples.
+-	+ add a configure script, prefer to not use the original Makefile
+-	  because it works only with GNU make.
+-	+ correct prototype of 'main()', which misused const.
+-	+ modify guage.c to use fgets() rather than gets().
+-	+ merge changes from Debian package maintainer
+-	  Santiago Vila <>:
+-	  1999/10/07
+-		+ add a password dialog box.
+-		+ implement "--defaultno" option to specify if the default for
+-		  the yes/no box is "No".
+-	  1999/03/10
+-		+ modify input.c to clear the input field to the right of the
+-		  given string (unclear:  this seems redundant, since the
+-		  dialog is drawn in a new window).
+-	  1998/12/08
+-		+ check for list_height less than one in checklist.c
+-	  1998/10/21
+-		+ use function wscrl() in preference to scroll() in checklist.c
+-		  and menubox.c (unclear: in ncurses, scroll() is a macro that
+-		  uses wscrl()).
+-		+ remove the "-I/usr/include/ncurses" option from Makefile
+-		  since Debian does not install ncurses' header files into
+-		  that directory.
+-	  1998/09/12
+-		+ simplify menubox.c using new functions print_arrows() and
+-		  print_items().
+-		+ add logic to handle KEY_NPAGE and KEY_PPAGE.
+-		+ change sample scripts to use Debian tempfile utility rather
+-		  than putting files into /tmp.
+-		+ change sample scripts to use 'dialog' from user's path rather
+-		  than in the parent directory as in the build directory.
+-		+ use the system copy of GPL rather than that in the build
+-		  directory as an example for the textbox script.
+-	+ fix some gcc warnings about ambiguous use of "else"
+-	+ cleaned up some of the redundant code with new functions:
+-		box_x_ordinate
+-		box_y_ordinate
+-		draw_title
+-		draw_bottom_box
+-		new_window
+-	+ modified msgbox.c and yesno.c to work with the KEY_RESIZE sigwinch
+-	  handling in ncurses 4.2
+-	+ corrected spelling of "gauge"
+-The relevant portions of the Debian change log for the original version
+-(dialog-0.9a-12) are abstracted here, omitting details of their packaging:
+-	+ Replaced guage.c by the one in dialog 0.6z, which is known to work.
+-	  Fixes Bug #18284: unstable dialog.
+-	+ dialog.c:  dialog_input_result printed with "%s" format.  This was
+-	  Bug #9913, fixed by Bill Mitchell, but the change was lost.
+-	+ Pristine source, .depend is not removed in clean target.  Instead, it
+-	  is made zero lenght (otherwise it would not work *without* fakeroot).
+-	+ Added '^U' support in input box (Bug #9915, patch by
+-	+ Wrote patch to fix core-dumping problem (Bug #13170).  Sven Rudolph
+-	  <>:
+diff -Naur 1/usr/doc/dialog-1.0-20060221/COPYING 2/usr/doc/dialog-1.0-20060221/COPYING
+--- 1/usr/doc/dialog-1.0-20060221/COPYING	2005-10-25 18:51:35.000000000 -0600
++++ 2/usr/doc/dialog-1.0-20060221/COPYING	1969-12-31 17:00:00.000000000 -0700
+@@ -1,504 +0,0 @@
+-		       Version 2.1, February 1999
+- Copyright (C) 1991, 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+-     51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301  USA
+- Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
+- of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.
+-[This is the first released version of the Lesser GPL.  It also counts
+- as the successor of the GNU Library Public License, version 2, hence
+- the version number 2.1.]
+-			    Preamble
+-  The licenses for most software are designed to take away your
+-freedom to share and change it.  By contrast, the GNU General Public
+-Licenses are intended to guarantee your freedom to share and change
+-free software--to make sure the software is free for all its users.
+-  This license, the Lesser General Public License, applies to some
+-specially designated software packages--typically libraries--of the
+-Free Software Foundation and other authors who decide to use it.  You
+-can use it too, but we suggest you first think carefully about whether
+-this license or the ordinary General Public License is the better
+-strategy to use in any particular case, based on the explanations below.
+-  When we speak of free software, we are referring to freedom of use,
+-not price.  Our General Public Licenses are designed to make sure that
+-you have the freedom to distribute copies of free software (and charge
+-for this service if you wish); that you receive source code or can get
+-it if you want it; that you can change the software and use pieces of
+-it in new free programs; and that you are informed that you can do
+-these things.
+-  To protect your rights, we need to make restrictions that forbid
+-distributors to deny you these rights or to ask you to surrender these
+-rights.  These restrictions translate to certain responsibilities for
+-you if you distribute copies of the library or if you modify it.
+-  For example, if you distribute copies of the library, whether gratis
+-or for a fee, you must give the recipients all the rights that we gave
+-you.  You must make sure that they, too, receive or can get the source
+-code.  If you link other code with the library, you must provide
+-complete object files to the recipients, so that they can relink them
+-with the library after making changes to the library and recompiling
+-it.  And you must show them these terms so they know their rights.
+-  We protect your rights with a two-step method: (1) we copyright the
+-library, and (2) we offer you this license, which gives you legal
+-permission to copy, distribute and/or modify the library.
+-  To protect each distributor, we want to make it very clear that
+-there is no warranty for the free library.  Also, if the library is
+-modified by someone else and passed on, the recipients should know
+-that what they have is not the original version, so that the original
+-author's reputation will not be affected by problems that might be
+-introduced by others.
+-  Finally, software patents pose a constant threat to the existence of
+-any free program.  We wish to make sure that a company cannot
+-effectively restrict the users of a free program by obtaining a
+-restrictive license from a patent holder.  Therefore, we insist that
+-any patent license obtained for a version of the library must be
+-consistent with the full freedom of use specified in this license.
+-  Most GNU software, including some libraries, is covered by the
+-ordinary GNU General Public License.  This license, the GNU Lesser
+-General Public License, applies to certain designated libraries, and
+-is quite different from the ordinary General Public License.  We use
+-this license for certain libraries in order to permit linking those
+-libraries into non-free programs.
+-  When a program is linked with a library, whether statically or using
+-a shared library, the combination of the two is legally speaking a
+-combined work, a derivative of the original library.  The ordinary
+-General Public License therefore permits such linking only if the
+-entire combination fits its criteria of freedom.  The Lesser General
+-Public License permits more lax criteria for linking other code with
+-the library.
+-  We call this license the "Lesser" General Public License because it
+-does Less to protect the user's freedom than the ordinary General
+-Public License.  It also provides other free software developers Less
+-of an advantage over competing non-free programs.  These disadvantages
+-are the reason we use the ordinary General Public License for many
+-libraries.  However, the Lesser license provides advantages in certain
+-special circumstances.
+-  For example, on rare occasions, there may be a special need to
+-encourage the widest possible use of a certain library, so that it becomes
+-a de-facto standard.  To achieve this, non-free programs must be
+-allowed to use the library.  A more frequent case is that a free
+-library does the same job as widely used non-free libraries.  In this
+-case, there is little to gain by limiting the free library to free
+-software only, so we use the Lesser General Public License.
+-  In other cases, permission to use a particular library in non-free
+-programs enables a greater number of people to use a large body of
+-free software.  For example, permission to use the GNU C Library in
+-non-free programs enables many more people to use the whole GNU
+-operating system, as well as its variant, the GNU/Linux operating
+-  Although the Lesser General Public License is Less protective of the
+-users' freedom, it does ensure that the user of a program that is
+-linked with the Library has the freedom and the wherewithal to run
+-that program using a modified version of the Library.
+-  The precise terms and conditions for copying, distribution and
+-modification follow.  Pay close attention to the difference between a
+-"work based on the library" and a "work that uses the library".  The
+-former contains code derived from the library, whereas the latter must
+-be combined with the library in order to run.
+-  0. This License Agreement applies to any software library or other
+-program which contains a notice placed by the copyright holder or
+-other authorized party saying it may be distributed under the terms of
+-this Lesser General Public License (also called "this License").
+-Each licensee is addressed as "you".
+-  A "library" means a collection of software functions and/or data
+-prepared so as to be conveniently linked with application programs