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M0E-lnx  committed 0512e3a

Update 20131224 - Fix upload script and place manifest files in src directory

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File slave/usr/local/bin/build-pusher

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 	for dir in $(ls); do
 		echo "Uploading packages from $dir build"
 		cd $dir
-		for pkg in $(ls *.t?z); do
+		for pkg in *.t?z ; do
 			name=$(pkgname $pkg)
 			version=$(pkgversion $pkg)

File slave/usr/local/bin/build-runner

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 sh $APPNAME.SlackBuild || exit 1
 # Generate package manifest
-( cd .. 
-	echo ;
-	for pkg in *.t?z; do
-	echo "Generating $pkg.manifest"
-	tar -tf $pkg > ../$pkg.manifest || exit 1
-	done
+for pkg in ../*.t?z; do
+	tar -tf $i > $PWD/$(basename $i).manifest # This places the manifest file in the src directory to be uploaded to the source dir
+#( cd .. 
+#	echo ;
+#	for pkg in *.t?z; do
+#	echo "Generating $pkg.manifest"
+#	tar -tf $pkg > ../$pkg.manifest || exit 1
+#	done

File updated/update.conf

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 #    an update to the slaves.  the function name MUST remain the same and the so must 
 #    everythin else.  The rest of the update system looks for this function.
 function update_slave() {
-echo "Installing updated bot rc script"
-cp $BOTREPO/slave/etc/rc.d/rc.vlbuildslave /etc/rc.d/rc.vlbuildslave
-chmod +x /usr/local/bin/build-runner
 # Remove the lockfile after we are done updating
 rm -rf /tmp/vlbuildbot-updating.lock