Working as Android Engineer,faces a lot of challenges. Our regular workday includes consuming REST apis, handling images and video and working with not so clear api services.

We want that people who join us have the skills to figure out how things work, an eye for design and ship things fast.

Tasks Specs

Create a view that contains an infinite scroll list with the most popular tv shows. Use the following endpoint: Each item of the list should contain an image, the tv show title and the vote average fields. The list should paginate If a list item is clicked, it should load the tv show data in a detail view. This should contain: A big hero image, the title, the overview... (you can get that info exploring the provided api) Once in the detail view, the user should be able to navigate between similar tv shows ( by swapping horizontally. The first item will be the one that the user has clicked. Then it will load the related tv shows and the user will be able to navigate using swype to left or right.


Smooth activity transitions

Nice ui

Wow factor


Create a commit history that makes sense

The final code to evaluate must be in the master branch