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Julian Amann
Added tag BlueGo 0.2.2 for changeset 12e3b0e589f7
Julian Amann
Changed version number to 0.2.3.
Julian Amann
Added a note how to build boost with VS2013 x64.
Added support for Qt 5.4.0.
BlueGo 0.2.2
Julian Amann
Added tag BlueGo 0.2.1 for changeset 6dec7bcb8e0e
Julian Amann
Released BlueGo 0.2.1.
BlueGo 0.2.1
Added support for Boosr 1.57.0.
Ankit Dubey
Merged Vertexwahn/bluego into default
Eigen 3.2.1 enabled
Qt 5.3.2 enabled
Fix & enhancement: Minimum build for qt enabled. Also added option to for opengl desktop.
PCL aysnc modification to suit the Qt way of handling the same problem
Added tag BlueGo 0.2.0 for changeset 23273f6addc5
Released BlueGo 0.2.0.
BlueGo 0.2.0
Fix for Boost 1.56.0 to build successfully
Fix:Boost 1.56.0 to build with VS2013
Support for Boost 1.56.0
Refactoring to meet the recent changes made in Util
1. PCL build enabled with assumption that all the dependencies i.e. Boost, Eigen, Flann, VTK are build with BlueGo.
1. Adding support for Boost from source SVN for libLAS 2. Making use of Util for comman code replacement
1. Make use of Executable class to get Python2 exe path. 2. Refactoring 3. Making use of Util class for comman dependency check
Added method to get Python2 exe full path
Some refactoring to make use of Util common code
Added option to the compiler for Visual Studio 13 Location
1. Adding regioning and comments 2. Adding some negative tests
Refactoring: Moving common code to Util
Fixing the URL for Qt 5.2.1 after running unit tests for URL validation.
Adding Unit test class for DownloadHelper to validate the URLs.
Vertexwahn edited online with Bitbucket
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