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+# Memcache(like)d
+Memcacheliked is a server created using the Diesel framework which should expose a service that looks like original memcached, but uses a custom backend implementation. Its goal is not high performance (never tested it from that perspective), but rather to:
+ - provide a drop-in replacement for testing different scenarios in 3rd party apps
+ - provide an alternative data source for applications that can already talk to memcached
+# API
+For a short example of how to implement a storage behaving like in-memory memcached, look at `memcacheliked/`. It provides the standard set/get/delete operations. For the specifics check `memcacheliked/`. Options should match those defined by the memcached protocol.
+Available decorators / expected function signatures are as follows:
+    @retrieval_command
+    def get_function(self, command_name, *keys):
+    @storage_command
+    def set_function(self, command_name, key, flags, exptime, value, *opts):
+    @deletion_command
+    def del_function(self, command_name, key, *opts):
 from distutils.core import setup
-        version='0.1',
+        version='0.2',
         description='Simple framework for writing daemons using the memcache interface for storing data',
         author='Vicious Red Beam',