This is the repository for the textbook

    Introduction to High-Performance Scientific Computing
    Victor Eijkhout
    copyright 2011-2014

The book can be downloaded for free, and you can buy printed copies;

If you want to format it yourself, do

    make pdf

in the sources directory. This needs a number of LaTeX styles; if you don't
have them you can download them from ctan.org.

Having the sources of the book means that you can make your own 
customized version and you are legally free to do so. However, you need 
to credit me for the original book. For details see


If you find errors in the book, or you have questions/suggestions,
feel free to contact me:

Victor Eijkhout

Victor Eijkhout
Texas Advanced Computing Center
Research Office Complex 1.101
J.J. Pickle Research Campus, Building 196
10100 Burnet Road
Austin, Texas 78758-4497