%%%% This is the README for the public repository of the 
%%%%     Integrative Model for Parallelism
%%%% copyright Victor Eijkhout 2012-8


This is a development repository. There is NO GUARANTEE that
anything here is useful, will not change, or will compile and run
to begin with.

1. Reading material

The reports directory contains a couple of technical reports
describing the ideas of the IMP model

2. Code

Code in the `code' directory relies on a couple of external packages.

- For unittests you need to download the file catch.hpp

- in the file you need to indicate the location
  of fmtlib/cppformat.
  Download from

You need to indicate the location of these in imp/
There is an example file to base yourself off.

The code uses many C++11/4/7 features.

3. Running

In the subdirectories mpi,omp,product the command "make regression"
should pass. NOTE not guaranteed in the development version.

In mpi/mpi_apps et cetera, type "make" to see which applications
can be build and run.