Marcin Kuzminski avatar Marcin Kuzminski committed 976e2b0

patched basic auth function to overcome git issues with proxy that doesn't send both username and password. ref #586

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 from paste.auth.basic import AuthBasicAuthenticator
 from paste.httpexceptions import HTTPUnauthorized, HTTPForbidden
-from webob.exc import HTTPClientError
-from paste.httpheaders import WWW_AUTHENTICATE
+from paste.httpheaders import WWW_AUTHENTICATE, AUTHORIZATION
 from pylons import config, tmpl_context as c, request, session, url
 from pylons.controllers import WSGIController
             return HTTPForbidden(headers=head)
         return HTTPUnauthorized(headers=head)
+    def authenticate(self, environ):
+        authorization = AUTHORIZATION(environ)
+        if not authorization:
+            return self.build_authentication()
+        (authmeth, auth) = authorization.split(' ', 1)
+        if 'basic' != authmeth.lower():
+            return self.build_authentication()
+        auth = auth.strip().decode('base64')
+        _parts = auth.split(':', 1)
+        if len(_parts) == 2:
+            username, password = _parts
+            if self.authfunc(environ, username, password):
+                return username
+        return self.build_authentication()
+    __call__ = authenticate
 class BaseVCSController(object):
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