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"please exit any running games or tools before attempting to verify your game cache" message repeated

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So this is definitely caused by chatlogger++, I forgot that might cause it and went through a very long list with steam support including updating the bios, reinstalling steam, and on, before I tried disabling chatlogger++, and then the messages stopped appearing.

Took this a while ago, but that was in the span of a minute.

It happens sporadic waves, where a bunch of them will pop up, and then there will be a while where none come up.

I am happy to provide any other data. I am using the newest version of chatlogger++, 1.2 Win7 ultimate fully updated 64 bit. Not in the steam beta

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  1. Asher Baker

    Sorry, I was in a rush, but someone else slapped me for providing a useless response.

    Chatlogger++ works around Steam requiring all API-users to be closed when signing out / closing Steam, but can't do this for the validations as Steam doesn't have a callback to notify apps.

    What you're seeing is Steam starting random validation of depots (which it's been doing for the last couple of months, causing a few issues with other things thanks to it's inefficient use of disk IO as well). In most cases, it's probably safe it just click through the warnings and ignore them, and just remember to close Chatlogger++ if you want to do a validation yourself.

  2. MegaScience

    Just curious, but would it be possible to have a toggle within Chatlogger++ instead of having to restart it to allow Steam to do whatever crazy stuff it does? I thought I was having some other weird problem for months until I found this page and discovered my problem was related to always running Chatlogger++... And now I'm not really sure where it is installed. I'll find it after I check my startup list, but I'd rather not have to go to it or a shortcut whenever I want to do something. Keep it in the bottom, just toggling the hook off for a bit.

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