Dockbake (bitbake in docker)

What & Why

Docker-powered, parameterized building with Bitbake. This is done because re-creating these environments every time is a complete pain, and we need to automate it too (Jenkins). Added bonus: large scale eliminiation/identification of host bleed.


We make use of Docker to handle a reproducable LXC containers that isolate the running of bitbake into a uniform environment. This is then extended by the use of host directory mapping and sharing download directories for all recipes on all platforms.

Per-configuration trees are seperated with via tuple, in this pattern: ${BB_DISTRO}-${BB_DISTRO_TYPE}-${BB_MACHINE}

So that you end up with a tree looking like this:

|-- build
|   `-- distro-debug-machine
|-- images
|   `-- distro-debug-machine
`-- sstate
    `-- distro-debug-machine

Getting Running

This system

Setup the runtime environment

git clone git@bitbucket.org:WarheadsSE/dockbake.git
cd dockbake

Docker & Dependancies

You will then need to install Docker from https://www.docker.io/gettingstarted/#h_installation per your distributions' needs.

After you have installed docker, to remove the need of calling sudo for all commands, add your user to the docker group. Create it if it does not exist.

Once that is configured and operational, we can build the bitbake container that this system will use.

sudo docker build -t bitbake docker/bitbake/


  • See docs explicit details of the scripts and their operation
  • See conf/local.in for setting local defaults.

Fire off a build of the default(s) with bin/run-builder. Might require sudo depending on your configuration.


File Destinations

Running make-environment will result in the below file structure is ensured to exist:

|-- bin
|-- build
|-- conf
|-- dl
|-- etc
|-- images
`-- sstate

By default, these scripts will use as below:

  • ./build as OE_BASE in the container, with naming tuple appended on the host.
  • ./dl as DL_DIR in the container.
  • ./images as DEPLOY_IMAGE_DIR in the container, with naming tuple appended on the host.
  • ./sstate as SSTATE_DIR in the container, with naming tuple appended on the host.

NOTE: It is possible for DL_DIR, DEPLOY_DIR and SSTATE_DIR can be mount points to network fileshares.


The contents of the conf directory are simple bash scripts with export calls for the environment variables passed into the builder instance.


  • make-environment
  • run-builder