An open source recreation of the fantasy wargame Dominion.


PinkieBot is yet another IRC bot and my attempt at learning the basics of Perl. Influenced by Pinkie Pie from the new My Little Pony show with certain catchphrases and random actions, she's been tailored specifically for an IRC channel I'm frequently visiting and is guaranteed for some late night laughs after a few beers.


WaveHack's CodeIgniter Helper - General functions


Twitter retweet bot made in Perl, retweeting posts related to My Little Pony and bronies.


Datavania is a web-based Castlevania: Harmony of Despair item and monster database, written in PHP5/MySQL using CodeIgniter and Bootstrap.

PinkieBot 2000

PinkieBot's twin sister and artificial righteous zealot, enforcing the way of the pony and slapping neighsayers. Also written in Perl, PinkieBot 2000 Contains some of PinkieBot's interactions and functions as an interactive bot on Twitter.


Sandora is a falling sand game for the Pandora handheld system written in C using SDL. Also contains makefiles for Windows (MinGW), Linux, Maemo (Nokia N900) and MeeGo (Nokia N950).