Datavania is an online database for Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. While the information is mostly for the XBLA version of the game, most data should be accurate for the PSN version of the game as well, containing detailed information about items and drop location, monsters, characters with popular character builds and other things like achievements, DLC and music.

It originally started out as an idea to harvest and store item drop data from chests in a searchable database for reference purposes, but was later during development expanded to include more aspects of the game, to use the latest web standards and social interactions and to make it a codefolio project for on my résumé.

For more info, please see http://datavania.wavehack.net/dev/about/.



  • Update design
  • Finish achievement page
  • Finish DLC pages

Other / post-release:

  • Lightweight mobile design
  • Preferences page with options to control and disable things like non-crucial JavaScripts, social integration and possibly analytics
  • Check music data for broken YouTube links
  • Import rest of the monster data
  • Gather and import more item drop data
  • Come up with a proper MVC model design or ditch models all together
  • Blog/devlog page


  • User accounts (site registration, FB Connect & Twitter sign-in) with forum and matchmaking system
  • Facebook (Open Graph) integration

Credits & Thanks

Thanks to the following people that made Datavania possible:

  • AuTpBoRomulus (item info)
  • Badbatman3 (character sprites)
  • Darth RPG (character sprites)
  • Eyce (item sprites)
  • Lord Zymeth (character sprites)
  • King Metroid (item and character sprites)
  • Nick Shuler (character sprites)
  • Paddy (character sprites)
  • SmithyGCN (item sprites)
  • Sweet Monkey Luv (site design and drop data)