MyLittleRT is a Twitter bot written in Perl, retweeting posts related to My Little Pony and bronies.

MyLittleRT can be found working on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MyLittleRT


A word list is used from wordlist.txt to search the initial bulk of tweets from the Twitter Search API. This bulk of tweets is later filtered on words (from blacklist_words.txt) and accounts (from blacklist_accounts.txt).

Separate words to search for and blacklisting rules with a newline. Lines starting with a semicolon are comments and will not be parsed. The lines in the blacklist files are parsed as a regular expression, so regex can be used there. The word list isn't parsed as regex and requires whole words (no wildcards either).

Words in wordlist.txt need to be prefixed with a single digit, followed by a colon and a space. The digit represents the retweeting priority. 9 equals the highest priority, while 1 equals the lowest.

The search list with fresh queries gets updated every five minutes. With a maximum tweet limit of 1000 a day, only ~3.47 tweets are retweeted every five minutes. Retweets are spread out across this period (one RT every ~87 seconds).

People can opt-out of being retweeted by sending the bot a message containing the words 'ignore', 'stop', 'quit' or 'unsubscribe' in any sentence. Even though opt-out messages are usually processed immediately, sometimes messages get lost in Twitter's Search API somehow. The person will recieve confirmation from the bot that he/she has been unsubscribed and will not be RT'd again. So if unsubscribing doesn't work, wait half an hour or try unsubscribing again.