Sandora readme
Last updated: 2011-08-23
Version: 0.1.2

Sandora is a Falling Sand Game for the OpenPandora Ltd. Pandora and Nokia
N900/N950 phones using Maemo or Meego. Sandora is basically a direct C port of
SDL Sand (http://sourceforge.net/projects/sdlsand/). It's being developed by
WaveHack from Mineth Studios.

Sandora 0.1.2 has been released as a prepackaged .pnd file for on your Pandora.
It should be playable on any standard Pandora. If you encounter any issues or
bugs, please create a ticket on the GoogleCode issue list. For general contact,
please mail me through the address below.

Since 0.1.2, support for the Nokia N900 and N950 have been added. Please note
that I do not physically own either device and I'm dependant on external testers
for support. If you have a N900 and N950 and want to test once in a while or if
you have an other Linux-based phone which you think Sandora could run on with
minor code modifications, please contact me.

For compiling instructions, see install.txt.

Official website:         http://mineth.net/projects/sandora/
GoogleCode project page:  http://code.google.com/p/sandora/
Contact email:            projects.sandora@wavehack.net


Press Start (Pandora), Backspace (N900/N950) or Escape to exit Sandora.

- Return          Clears the whole screen
- Space           Eraser

- Q  Water        Standard liquid. Combines with Salt and Dirt.
- W  Sand         It's just sand. Combine with Water.
- E  Salt         Salt melts Ice and combines with Water.
- R  Oil          Highly flammable!
- T  Dirt         Standard dirt.

- Y  Acid         Burns through all but Wall and Water.
- U  Saltwater    Result of Water + Salt. Do not drink.
- I  Mud          Result of Water + Dirt.

- O  Steam        Slowly condenses into Water.
- P  Fire         Ignites Oil, burns Plant and evaporates Water and Saltwater.
- ,  Electric     Does nothing much as of yet.

- A  Wall         Standard building material.
- S  Ironwall     Rusts when in contact with water.
- D  Stove        Boils Water and Saltwater.
- F  Ice          Melts upon contact with Salt.
- G  Rust         Slowly disintegrates.
- H  Ember        Different form of fire. To be removed.
- J  Plant        Plants grow in Water and burn in Fire.
- K  Void         Nullifies anything that touches it.

- Z  Waterspout   Spawns water.
- X  Sandspout    Spawns sand.
- C  Saltspout    Spawns salt.
- V  Oilspout     Spawns oil.
- B  Torch        Spawns fire.

You can draw particles by tapping and moving the stylus around the screen, or
holding down the left mouse button on Windows. The current selected particle
type is not properly visible yet, but you can use the above control list for
reference on selecting particles. A GUI will be added later from which you can
select particles.

Thanks to:

- The OpenPandora Ltd. team, for creating an awesome handheld computer.
- Thomas René Sidor, for creating SDL Sand. Without this project I probably
  wouldn't have started Sandora.
- Aapo Rantalainen, for showing the possibility to port Sandora to the Nokia
  N900 and N950 devices and helped with support for said devices.