"Upload New Script" create an entry even if I change my mind after clicking

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Issue #5 resolved
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[BellHouse] If I (as code author) click on 'Upload New Script', then change my mind and click 'back', I would expect no new entry to be created. But I nevertheless create a new script entry without any content. I suggest this behavior to be changed.

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  1. WazeTools Suite reporter

    Now (on page reload) every uncompleted script (with a category 0 - UNKNOWN and the Author field set to the current user) will be deleted.

  2. WazeTools Suite reporter
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    It's reasonable, maybe it's time to rewrite that part and keep in memory the data until the confirm button is pressed. Let me think about it.

  3. WazeTools Suite reporter

    The upload part has been redesigned, and it seems to work well (at least to me). Please let me know if someone finds another strange behaviours during the script upload phase.

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