Ulf on Sony Ericsson LT18i (LT18i)

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"Spillet starter ikke - ingen manual Er det nødvendig med ytterligere forklaring?"

Not really sure what was meant here. Is the game not working at all or do we lack instructions ?

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  1. radarnathan

    I do have a Sony Ericsoon Xperia Arc S (LT18i), and after upgrading to ICS the game became unplayable.

    1. Scrolling in the chapters menu is very hard. When sweeping from left to right sometimes (most of the time) the scene "resets" itself and starts again on the first one. This makes it moslty impossible to select chapters after the ones that visible by default.

    2. Clicking on a chapter does not respond most of the times.

    3. Once I succeeded selecting a chapter moving the boxes is quite hard. Some of the time it complete "interprets" what I mean completely wrong.

    All these "symptoms" seem to have the same root cause: the input is not handled correctly.

  2. WeWantToKnow AS reporter


    your issue is different from the one registered here. Can you contact support@dragonboxapp.com instead so that we can triage it properly ?

    When doing so, please provide the following information:

    • From what I can see here, the problem seems to indeed be in the input management. I guess DragonBox is the only program exhibiting this issue on your phone, right?
    • We've had a couple of input issues reported and all have been related to custom ROMs. Have you upgraded your phone using an official ROM ? What is your Android version, kernel version and build number ?



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