Error in equation 3.6

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The correct answer is [box] = 1 - [worm]

It always only gives 1 star, claiming it took 1 too many turns and has the wrong number of cards in the solution.

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  1. Mikael Brassman

    The accepted solution seems to be 1 + (-1)*worm = box. You go about this with the following moves:

    1. Reduce the box/box to 1
    2. Add -1 on both sides
    3. 1-1 on right side
    4. Remove 0 on right side
    5. Multiply worm on both sides
    6. Reduce 1*worm/worm on left side to 1
    7. Reduce box*worm/worm on right side to box*1
    8. 1*1 to 1 on left side
    9. 1*box to box on right side

    I do agree that this is not the optimal solution but it has the fewest moves which the games rewards.

    To get the 1 - worm = box you need to do 10 moves:

    1. Reduce the box/box to 1
    2. Multiply both sides with worm
    3. 1*worm to worm on right side
    4. Reduce the box*worm/worm to box on right side
    5. Reduce the 1*worm/worm to 1 on left side
    6. 1*1 to 1 on left side
    7. -worm on both sides
    8. Eliminate worm on left side
    9. Remove the zero on left side
    10. Box*1 to box on left side

    It's a bit of a bummer that the most optimal solution in 3-6 is not appropriately rewarded.

  2. WeWantToKnow AS repo owner

    Good catch. We will have to think about it. We've usually devised exercices to have their result be achievable in the shortest amount of moves and producing the simplest form. It looks like we didn't get that one 100% right.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    My 6 year old just brought this one to me, upset that he couldn't get it "right". Hope this gets fixed soon.

  4. Jason G

    I've played through the entire "game" in advance of my children doing so, and this level did bother me. It marks the "negative snake" as "useless", when in reality it is part of the solution. I'm ok with some semantic debate about suboptimal solutions, but not with an integral part of the correct answer being marked as incorrect. Hopefully you guys can resolve this soon.

  5. Jason G

    Also the iOS version has a broken level 3-7 as well, although the Windows version seems to be ok. Unclear on the Android version.

  6. Corey Kosak

    Still thinking about it? I just downloaded this game yesterday and this issue is still present, two and a half years later. My problem is not just that the original poster's solution is suboptimal, but the program calls the -worm card "useless".

    Disappointing that you're teaching kids x = 1 + -1*worm is somehow preferable to x = 1 + -worm, and that the -worm term is "useless".

    I too was upset that I couldn't get the answer. I knew that 1-worm was the answer algebraically so I couldn't get why the program kept calling it useless. It was not fun to keep trying. I assumed you had a serious bug.

  7. Malcolm Sharpe

    Playing through to try this (as an adult), I also was confused by this level. It's the "useless" marker that was most confusing, so at first I thought the level must have a bug. I only got un-stuck by noticing that the steps were at 10/9 and trying to use fewer steps.

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