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+|Brainbugz recompiled for Maya 2012!|
+This is a recompile of Carsten Kolve's boid based brainbugz plug-in for Maya 2012. 
+I'm building for x64 with Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 7. Original source can be 
+found here: 
+    ttp://
+I'm hosting a copy of the code with the nessesary Visual C++ solution here:
+I've made a few tiny changes to the source to allow compilation for Maya 2012, but
+otherwise the code is unchanged. I do not have the time or the resources to
+support this build across platforms. If you're reading this and would like to
+contribute an XCode build or Linux build, let me know through bitbucket. I'm
+also on cgtalk as YourDaftPunk or WhileRomeBurns.
+Maya needs to see three things: the plug-in, the mel scripts and the icons. You'll
+see three directories in the brainbugz folder called \plugin, \mel, and \icons.
+You can copy these folders into the Maya 2012 users folder under a subfolder called
+    C:\Users\*UsrName*\Documents\maya\2012-x64\brainbugz
+    C:\Users\*UsrName*\Documents\maya\2012-x64\brainbugz\plugin
+    C:\Users\*UsrName*\Documents\maya\2012-x64\brainbugz\mel
+    C:\Users\*UsrName*\Documents\maya\2012-x64\brainbugz\icons
+Next, set your Maya environment to be aware of the new files by editing the Maya.env
+file here (create this if nessesary):
+    C:\Users\*UsrName*\Documents\maya\2012-x64\Maya.env
+Add these lines three lines:
+    MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH = C:\Users\*UsrName*\Documents\maya\2012-x64\brainbugz\plugin\win\2012_x64
+    MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH = C:\Users\*UsrName*\Documents\maya\2012-x64\brainbugz\mel
+    XBMLANGPATH = C:\Users\*UsrName*\Documents\maya\2012-x64\brainbugz\icons
+Start Maya, go to Windows > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager and check Loaded
+for brainbugz.mll. Open an example scene in brainbugz\examples and see if they 
+|Visual Studio Compiling Notes:
+If you're compiling brainbugz yourself with Visual Studio, make sure to use the new 
+source, or if you redownload the source from Kolve's google code repository, 
+change the name of the "inputCurve" attribute in the bbSteeringDesireNode.cpp file
+as it clashes with an existing Maya attribute. Simply prefix it with 'bb' like:
+    inputCurve = tAttr.create( "bbInputCurve", "bbic", MFnData::kNurbsCurve, &stat );
+The only non standard step in the build process is a VC++ Post-Build event which 
+calls a tiny batch script to copy the compiled dll to the \plugin directory. It 
+then gets renamed to Maya's plugin extension type, '.mll'. The script is located in
+the solutions root directory at:
+    brainbugz\vc\vc10\postBuildBrainBugz.cmd
+It should build without errors or warnings if you're using the edited source and the 
+included solution.
+|That's All Folks:
+Enjoy the plugin, hopefully it works. If you make something great, let Carsten know:
+|Shawn Lipowski
+|March 2012


Binary file modified.


 	// common
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attributes common.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( steeringDesire);
 	nodeAddAttribute( maximumForce);
 	nodeAddAttribute( inverseDesiredSteeringForce);
 	nodeAddAttribute( lastVector);
 	// view
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attributes view.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( useSensorRange);
 	nodeAddAttribute( sensorRange);
 	nodeAddAttribute( useSensorAngle);
 	nodeAddAttribute( sensorAngle);
 	// bug
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attributes bug.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( direction);
 	nodeAddAttribute( wanderSphereRadius);
 	nodeAddAttribute( wanderSphereOffset);
 	nodeAddAttribute( useRandom);
 	// target
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attributes target.");
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attribute targetType.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( targetType);
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attribute inputPoint.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( inputPoint);
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attribute inputCurve.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( inputCurve);
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attribute inputSurface.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( inputSurface);
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attribute inputMesh.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( inputMesh);
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attribute subTargets.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( subTargets);
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attribute inputSelection.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( inputSelection);
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attribute inputIndex.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( inputIndex);
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attribute stoppingRange.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( stoppingRange);
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attribute targetRadius.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( targetRadius);
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attribute tolerance.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( tolerance);
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attribute probeLength.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( probeLength);
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attribute shadowRange.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( shadowRange);
 	// neighbor
-	MGlobal::displayInfo("Adding attributes neighbor.");
 	nodeAddAttribute( bugDistance);