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''    Last Updated: Sep 10, 2008
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global proc customTextNew(string $text)
	// delete proceeding text
	string $token[];
	int $numTokens = `tokenize $text "." $token`;
	string $textC = $token[$numTokens-1];
	//	print text
	text -l (" "+$textC) -al "left" -fn "boldLabelFont";

global proc customTextReplace(string $text)
{ // do nothing 

// returns the number of elements connected to the attribute
global proc int getNumberOfConnectedElements(string $attribute)
	string $temp[]=`listConnections -s true -d false $attribute`;
	return size($temp);

// connection editor procs

// display connection selection dialog window
global proc connectSelect(string $nodeAttribute, string $connectNodeType[])
	// check if there is already a window and delete it
	if (`window -q -ex bbConnectWindow`)
		deleteUI -window bbConnectWindow;
	// build ui

	window -title ("bb (Dis)Connect Nodes") -rtf false -mnb false -mxb false  bbConnectWindow;
   	string $node = match("^.*[.]",$nodeAttribute);
   	string $node = substring($node,1,size($node)-1); 	
    string $form = `formLayout -numberOfDivisions 100`;

    string $title = `text -al "center" -l ("Disconnect / Connect Nodes for > "+$node+" <")`;
	string $ncEditorF = `frameLayout -l "not connected" -bs "etchedOut" -la "center" -li 5 -mh 5 -mw 5`;
		string $ncEditor = `outlinerEditor `;
	setParent $form;
	string $cEditorF = `frameLayout -l "connected" -bs "etchedOut" -la "center" -li 5 -mh 5 -mw 5`;
		string $cEditor = `outlinerEditor `;
	setParent $form;
	string $buttonNC2C =`button -l ">>"`;
	string $buttonC2NC =`button -l "<<"`;
    formLayout -edit
    	-attachForm     $title     "top"    1
    	-attachForm     $title     "left"   1
    	-attachNone 	$title     "bottom" 
    	-attachForm 	$title     "right"  1 

	   	-attachControl  $ncEditorF    "top"    5 $title
    	-attachForm     $ncEditorF    "left"   1
    	-attachForm     $ncEditorF    "bottom" 1
    	-attachPosition	$ncEditorF    "right"  1 40 

    	-attachControl  $buttonNC2C     "top"    30 $title
    	-attachControl 	$buttonNC2C     "left"   5 $ncEditorF
    	-attachNone		$buttonNC2C     "bottom"  
    	-attachControl	$buttonNC2C     "right"  5 $cEditorF  

		-attachControl  $buttonC2NC      "top"    5 $buttonNC2C
    	-attachControl  $buttonC2NC     "left"   5 $ncEditorF
    	-attachNone		$buttonC2NC     "bottom" 
    	-attachControl	$buttonC2NC     "right"  5 $cEditorF  

	   	-attachControl  $cEditorF    "top"    5 $title
    	-attachPosition $cEditorF    "left"   1 60 
    	-attachForm     $cEditorF    "bottom" 1
    	-attachForm 	$cEditorF    "right"  1 


	// set up selectionConnection
	string $inputList = `selectionConnection -wl`;
	string $ncEditorList =`selectionConnection`;
	string $cEditorList =`selectionConnection`;
	// connect with editors
	editor -edit -mainListConnection $inputList $ncEditor;
	editor -edit -mainListConnection $inputList $cEditor;
	editor -edit -selectionConnection $ncEditorList $ncEditor;
	editor -edit -selectionConnection $cEditorList $cEditor;
	// create filter for all connectable nodes
	int $typeCount = size($connectNodeType);
	int $typeI =0;
	string $temp="";
	for ($typeI; $typeI<$typeCount; $typeI++)
		$temp +=("-byType "+$connectNodeType[$typeI]+" ");
	string $notNodeFilter = eval("itemFilter -byName "+$node+" -negate true");
	string $connectableTypeFilter = eval("itemFilter "+$temp);
	string  $connectableFilter = `itemFilter -intersect $notNodeFilter $connectableTypeFilter`;
	// create filter for all connected nodes
	string $connectedFilter =`itemFilter -secondScript ("cFilterProc "+$nodeAttribute) `;
	// create filter for all not connected nodes
	string $notConnectedFilter =`itemFilter -difference $connectableFilter $connectedFilter  `;
	// attach filter to editors
	outlinerEditor -edit -filter $notConnectedFilter  -dag false -ats true $ncEditor;
	outlinerEditor -edit -filter $connectedFilter  -dag false -ats true $cEditor;
	// attach functionality to buttons
	button -edit -command ("connectElements "+$ncEditorList+" "+$nodeAttribute+" "+$node+" bbConnectWindow") $buttonNC2C;
	button -edit -command ("disconnectElements "+$cEditorList+" "+$nodeAttribute+" "+$node) $buttonC2NC;
	showWindow bbConnectWindow;
	// create script job to clean up after window is closed
	// script job to delete window when node is delteted
	// create script job to clean up after window is closed
	scriptJob -uiDeleted bbConnectWindow ("deleteUI "+ $inputList +";"+
										  "deleteUI "+ $ncEditorList +";"+
										  "deleteUI "+ $cEditorList  +";"+
										  "delete "+$connectableFilter+";"+
										  "delete "+$connectedFilter+";"+
										  "delete "+$notConnectedFilter+";"+
										  "delete "+$notNodeFilter+";"+
										  "delete "+$connectableTypeFilter+";" );

global proc string[] cFilterProc( string $attribute, string $name[] )
  if (! `objExists $attribute`) 
    return {""};
  // get list of nodes connected to attribute 
  string $plugs[] = `listConnections -p true -s true -d false $attribute`;

  for ($i = 0; $i < size($plugs); $i++) 
    string $plug = $plugs[$i];
    string $attr = match("^.*[.]",$plug);
    string $attr = substring($attr,1,size($attr)-1);
    $plugs[$i] = $attr;
 return $plugs;

global proc connectElements( string $ncS, string $nodeAttribute,string $node, string $window)
	// check if node still exists
	if (`objExists $node`)
		// get elements to connect
		string $tcE[] = `selectionConnection -q -object $ncS`;
		// get elements currently connected
		string $cE[] = cFilterProc($nodeAttribute,$tcE);
		// merge the arrays
		string $x;
		for ($x in $tcE)
			$cE[size($cE)] = $x;
		// delete all current connections
		// connect the merged array
		string $shape;
		string $cE[] = sort($cE);
		int $cENum = size($cE);
		for ($index=0;$index<$cENum;$index++)
			$shape = getShape($cE[$index]);
			bbConnect $shape $node $index;
		// delete elements from sc
		// warn user that node does not exist
		confirmDialog -title "Error detected" -message ("Node > "+$node+" < does not exist, closing window!") -button "OK"
   		 -defaultButton "OK" -cancelButton "OK" -dismissString "No";
   		deleteUI $window;

	select $node;

global proc disconnectElements( string $cS, string $nodeAttribute,string $node)
	// get elements to disconnnect
	string $dE[] = `selectionConnection -q -object $cS`;
	// get shapes of elements to disconnect
	string $dES[];
	string $x;
	for ($x in $dE)
		$dES[size($dES)] = getShape($x);
	// get  connnect elements
	string $cE[] = cFilterProc($nodeAttribute,$dES);
	// difference  the two arrays to get elements that will be connected after disconnect
	string $cE[] = subtractStringArray($dES,$cE);
	// delete all current connections
	// connect the merged array
	string $cE[] = sort($cE);
	int $index;
	int $cENum = size($cE);
	for ($index=0;$index<$cENum;$index++)
		bbConnect $cE[$index] $node $index;
	select $node;

global proc deleteConnections(string $nodeAttribute)
	// get connected elements pairs
		string $cep[] = eval("listConnections -p true -c true "+$nodeAttribute);
		int $cepNum = size($cep);
		// disconnect element pairs
		int $index =1;
		for ($index; $index<$cepNum; $index += 2)
			disconnectAttr $cep[$index] $cep[$index-1];

global proc string getShape( string $xform )
  string $shapes[];
  $shapes[0] = $xform;
  // If given node is not a transform, assume it is a shape 
  // and pass it through.
  if ( "transform" == `nodeType $xform` )
    $shapes = `listRelatives  -shapes $xform`;
  return $shapes[0];

global proc string[] subtractStringArray (string $array1[], string $array2[])
	string $x;
	string $y;
	string $newArray[];
	int $itemFound = 0;

	for ($x in $array2)
		$itemFound = 0;
		for ($y in $array1)
			if ($x == $y) {$itemFound = 1;}
		if ($itemFound == 0) {$newArray[size($newArray)] = $x;}

	return ($newArray);

global proc updateUI()
	// selectionCollection is updated when nodes are created or deleted
	// so create something and delete it at once
	string $locator[] = `spaceLocator`;
	delete $locator;