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Issue #49 resolved
Christopher Wosinski repo owner created an issue

This issue is based on Bascy's comments for the 0.13.0 blog post:

The compile batch file is calling rsvars.bat without any path. This doesnt work good if Embarcadero is not on the path or you have multiple versions installed. I think the rsvars call should be preceeded by the delphi installation path setting

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  1. Christopher Wosinski reporter

    OmniPascal looks for rsvars.bat in the Delphi installation path. In case that file can't be found it looks in the entire search path for it. In case it still can't be found OmniPascal simply puts a call to rsvars.bat without a path into the build script. That is your case. A possible can be a wrong value in the omnipascal.delphiInstallationPath setting. It should point to the root directory of Delphi. In the past it was absolutely OK to point to the Source directory. That changed now. I need to create a trouble shooting page as soon as possible. How does your setting look like?

  2. Bas Schouten

    The delphiInstallationPath setting was the culprit. I removed the previously acceptable \source part and now the rsvars file is preceeded with the correct path.

    Issue can be closed

  3. Christopher Wosinski reporter

    Great! Did it also solve the other issues you've mentioned in the blog post comments? If not then please create a new issue here.

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