AntiTimer 0.1

Cali made a video tutorial on how to setup AntiTimer. Go check him out:

AntiTimer DOES NOT WORK with the Standalone version

I'm working on finding a workaround. For now, it's working only on the Windows Steam version.

Get it!

Go the Download section here and download the latest binary

Configuring your Antichamber

Antichamber does not provide a trigger for clicking on the map (start timer) and for credits so we'll need to configure some hacks to workaround.

Set logging in flush mode

Inside the launch options in Steam add the following command


If you use a custom desktop/menu shortcut, be sure to configure the target as "[...]\Antichamber\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe" -FORCELOGFLUSH
Alternatively, you can use the AntiTimer menu -> Launch Antichamber which does the trick as well.

Add a fake input to trace sounds

This is necessary if you want to track the Credits trigger.
Inside \UDKGame\Config\UDKInput.ini add the following line:


Before bInvertMouse=...

How to run this thing?


You need an up-to-date Java environment on your desktop (java7). If you don't, download it at

Now, just launch the jar file (double-clicking works if you have java installed).

Set Antichamber Path

AntiTimer will ask you to find Antichamber\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe to be able to locate all the files it needs. This will be stored inside antitimer.cfg for future use.

Configure your run

Add a split by clicking on the "+", select the trigger type and the goal. You can delete the split by clicking on the "x" or shift your it with "v" or "^". For each split, whenever AntiTimer detects the trigger it will launch a split command to Llanfair.

Do the same thing with the completion conditions, do remember that those are additive. For example, if you select:

  • Sign / Complete
  • Map / Complete

The game will stop the timer if and only if you have all signs and map is 100%.

Init Llanfair

The menu item Init Llanfair will replace your current run with a run that corresponds to your triggers. It may be useful for practice for instance.

File Management

You can load/save your trigger configuration for different runs. However, Llanfair is totally independent and won't react to your load/save actions. Use the Llanfair menu to load/save your runs. Smarter file management may happen in a future release.


There are 6 monitors built-in AntiTimer which enable you to track the game state.

  • Current Gun: displays the color of the gun you currently have.
  • Map: displays the map as it can be seen in the hub.
  • Map Completion: displays a percentage of map completion.
  • Moral Wall: displays the moral wall aka the sign wall. Each box represents a sign with the same order as the moral wall inside the hub.
  • Triggers: displays all the triggers that are happening inside antitimer.
  • Pink Wall: displays the pink cubes you have. Their order is not important (actually it is displayed using the pink route of the current WR).

All window positions are saved each time they are moved so you will recover the same layout the next time you launch AntiTimer.

About extra pink cubes

By default, the pink wall and the pink completion is triggered when you have all the usual pink cubes. However, if you do get the extra pink cubes, they will show up on your pink wall. To set a real 100% pink completion goal, add both of the extra pink cubes in your completion conditions.

About Antitimer

It has been coded with love by Loic Petit (WydD). You can find me on all my other contact infos are there. The code has been released on Apache 2 Licence, don't hesitate to contribute and/or steal my code.



  • Fixing error management during save reading. This problem could (and have) lead to a random reset. (reported by Murklan)


  • Fixing Issue#1: Restart level causes reset
  • Fixing Issue#2: Log watcher sometimes not synced
  • Fixing lag issues. File watchers are now updated every 5ms instead of 1ms and load latency has been augmented to 80ms instead of 10ms.

Fixing various stability issues. Considered, first stable release.


First release

What's to come in future release?

  • LiveSplit support (thanks to the support of CryZe)
  • Timer backend selection and disabling timer for explaratory purposes.
  • Configuration panel.

Happy Running!

-- WydD --