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This page is used to catalogue all the info I have found about the moddable files Spore uses. This wiki can be found in the following locations:

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Spore_Game and PatchData

SP-PROP-00B1B104-02AE0C7E-3E9793B5.prop (space - random events)
SP-PROP-00B1B104-74D2735B-4C66E1E4.prop (space - planet property - unknown (medium/warm?) )
SP-PROP-00B1B104-74D2735B-4C66E1EC.prop (space - planet property - unknown (large/hot?) )
SP-PROP-00B1B104-74D2735B-4C66E1EE.prop (space - planet property - unknown (small/cold?) )

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