Kicad files for the new generation flypanels developed for Michael Reiser at Janelia Farm.


Hardware design files (i.e., PCB, enclosure, and mounting rack) for IO Rodeo's Expresso device. An Nx5-channel level detector used for measuring the amount of fluid contained in a 1mm diameter capillary tube.


A collection of libraries, modules (collection of footprints), footprints (individual components), and 3d packages for the open-source EDA Kicad. I only include parts that have been tested on actual PCBs, whose design (including pics) can be found at http://xzlab.org/engineering/kicad


Simple test for Sparkfun's Serial GLCD. Note that it uses the new Software Serial library, which I have renamed in my system to NewSoftSerial (by way of search/replace).


Enclosure and PCB design files for a 4-channel stepper motor drive connected to 4 linear rails, which are controlled using an Arduino Mega.

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