MIT License. Details in LICENSE.txt.

Build requirements
* Qt 4.8

This is a simple program that allows to:
* Check if XML file is valid with given XML Schema
* Transform XML file using XSLT 2.0 transformation
* Check if output of XSLT transformation is valid with given XML Schema
It's main purpose is to test XSLT transformations that will be used by a program
using Qt library. In Qt 4.8 XSLT support is for version 2.0 only and is
experimental. Many (even basic) features of XSLT don't work there, so creating
an XSLT file with other, more advanced tools should be backed up by checking
for Qt support. XML Schema validator can be used to check if XSLT result is okay
or just as a standalone tool. XML Schema support in Qt is not experimenta, it's
pretty good.