Awful font rendering on v1.1-dev.15

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With the new version, CCEmuRedux degraded to an awful way of rendering fonts. Up until now, CCEmuRedux was my preference over CCLite (even though CCLite has config for screen size) due to its sleek style. This has now changed, unfortunately.

Appearance on CCEmuRedux prior to v1.1-dev.15: Nicely nice nice!

vs appearance on CCLite and the newest CCEmuRedux:

the CCLite font ends just at the very border of the pixel, which has a negative impact on readability and doesn't look very nice. The default (CCEmuRedux followed vanilla AFAIK) spacing made for a text-centered look, which looked very fancy.

I ask for this change to be reverted.

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  1. Thomas Farr repo owner

    With updating to support CC1.76pr6 I had to switch to use the the font that CC is now using as well as render it the same to support the text art symbols etc. This is how CC renders it. 2015-12-19_00.54.14.png

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