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I've seen that you have had some requests for this, but that was nearly a year ago. I do have more to proposed enhancements though.

1. What would be nice, is to have 'Advanced and Regular Monitors'. Right now there is only a Wireless Modem.

2. Add capabilities to use other Mod jars, for example, Big Reactors. (Doubt this is possible, but just a thought!) -- This would be a major project.

3. Add it where we can create a new 'Advanced Monitor', along-side the dingy regular computer. Right now, we are able to only create the regular computer.

To make the advanced monitor, I had to go into the .json file and change "Advanced": false to "Advanced":

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  1. Thomas Farr repo owner

    I assume by point 3 you actually mean advanced computers. Which you can create from inside the emulator, by pressing next and ticking Advanced, after inputting an ID instead of just pushing done.

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