Failed to fetch remote manifest and no installed copy found

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Hi! I love this emulator and it's really good. But I've got a problem

I've installed it on my mac and my PC that's running Windows 10 and it worked perfectly

But when I wanted to run it on my Computer that is running Ubuntu the only thing that comes up when I start it is:

Failure during launch Failed to fetch remote manifest and no installed copy found!

Can you tell me what's wrong because I don't get this to work

PS, need answers quickly //Siftos

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  1. Thomas Farr repo owner

    That would usually mean that there was no internet connection, or something else interfering with it's ability to reach the server to download the necessary files. This is more than likely not something on the emulator/launcher's side of things. There are no issues with the server currently either. If this isn't already resolved, feel free to reopen the issue and attach the log file.

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