CLI usage for CCEmuRedux to support Automatic unit tests

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Issue #55 new
Jacky Wang created an issue

Is there any way to use CCEmuRedux through Command Line Interface? If not, I think it would be good to add one.

Reason: I want to use the simulator to run Automatic unit test in computercraft environment. It really helps when building a big project without opening Minecraft (my modpack requires 6min+ to launch :( ). It seems hard to do so through the current GUI.

Detailed advice:

  • Launch specific session and start the computers inside through CLI without opening the GUI. Use an argument to specify which computer to open.
  • Add a way to get test result from computers inside(for example, the computers inside send a string/bool through rednet to a virtual computer defaultly initialized with the session to report the result and exit the session) and echo them to standard output/ return them to the shell.

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