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Document new deps.
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Cheeky RealAudio support.
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Completely reshuffled Craig to be a single connection again. Because ogg libraries are iffy, implemented my own trivial one.
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Don't graceful-restart if we're not the current principle Craig...
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Adding an all-around runner script.
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Simplified download page.
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Whoops, slight error in timestamp correction.
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Whoops, can't just use any version of uws.
Craig is a multi-track voice recorder for Discord. Craig requires the following
NPM libraries:

discord.js ( )
node-opus ( )
node-ogg ( )
node-ogg-packet ( )

Craig also requires a web server running PHP, and the following command line

ffmpeg ( ) compiled with libopus support
flac ( )
oggenc ( )
fdkaac ( )
lame ( )
zip ( )

No documentation is provided for running your own instances of Craig. More
information on the main instance of Craig can be found at